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Buchanan Takes On Forestry

Buchanan came to Maine on Monday as part of a two-day blitz through New England that started in New Hampshire, where he won the presidential primary four years ago, and ends tonight in Boston, where his two major-party opponents will debate without him.

While the LaValley Lumber yard in Sanford was a typical setting for a presidential candidate's photo opportunity, Buchanan's message was not typical.

Unlike other national candidates, who do whatever they can to stay out of controversial local issues, Buchanan came to Sanford specifically to speak out against Question 2, a statewide forestry referendum that would limit timber harvesting on land in the state's tree-growth tax-relief program. more...

Buchanan Bulletin 10/18/00

PJB Stumps in Wisconsin: Green Bay, Milwaukee, Wausau

The Republican Party at the national level has ceased to be my party. This divorce began around the end of the Cold War when President (George) Bush declared it to be a New World-order party and began intervening all over the world. While he and I were allies and friends during the Cold War, I just felt that once the Cold War was over the United States should return to a more traditional non-intervention foreign policy. Clearly the Republican Party is not that now.

It (the GOP) is a global free-trade party, and I believe in economic patriotism -- putting the interest of American workers and their families and our economic independence first.

They will not even discuss the immigration issue anymore, which I think is a very acute national issue. We have to have immigration reduced to 250,000 or 300,000 a year, legal immigrants, which is still very generous; emphasize the English language and start trying to pull this country back together; and we've got to get control of our southern border.

So those are three great issues that I simply disagree with the Republican Party, which has moved off, I think frankly, and embraced really a Clintonite position. more...

Buchanan Criticizes U.S. Foreign Policy

Reform Party presidential candidate Pat Buchanan brought his America-first message to Milwaukee on Monday, suggesting that the United States should rethink its commitment to Israel in the Middle East conflict.

Comparing the Palestinian side in the recent fighting to Americans in Revolutionary War times, Buchanan said American support for Israelis may be a moot issue. If the conflict continues, Buchanan predicted, Israel with its superior military will wind up crushing the Palestinians.

If Americans had been shot in the numbers that Palestinians have been wounded by Israelis, "we'd be calling for nuclear weapons; we'd be enraged," Buchanan said. more...

Buchanan: U.S. Should Hunt Bombers, Adopt Even-Handed Mid East Stance

"The United States is losing credibility in the Middle East because it failed to criticize Israel for its part in the collapse of peace talks and the ensuing violence," Reform Party candidate Pat Buchanan said Friday.

Buchanan also said the United States should hunt down and "humiliate" those responsible for bombing the USS Cole and killing 17 sailors. more...

Californians Respond to 'Meatball'

Re "Buchanan Immigration Ad Met With Quick Criticism," Oct. 10: I thoughtthe Buchanan Reform Party "meatball ad" [a man chokes on a meatball after hearing on a news broadcast that English is no longer America's official language; he calls 911 and passes out while listening to a menu of language options] was right on the money. It was not only witty and pointed to get my attention, but it woke me up to a real issue (unlike the boring debates!). Ultimately, I took home from the ad a message of unity and acceptance--in this country our English language is a major point of unity (not to mention that English is the primary language of international business and even of the air traffic controllers and pilots). more...

Buchanan Attacks Vermont Civil Unions

WASHINGTON, Vt. (AP) -- Pat Buchanan, campaigning on the farm that launched a movement against the state's civil unions law, says Vermont is at the center of a ''cultural war going on for the soul of this country.'' The law grants gay couples most of the rights and benefits of marriage.

Buchanan, the Reform Party's presidential nominee, said he hoped opponents of the law, which was enacted earlier this year, would be swept into office in the November elections. more...

Pro Life Activist Colleen Parro: Bush Weak On Life Issue, Buchanan Gains Among Pro-Life Voters
Republican National Committee for Life
Colleen Parro

Despite the fact that Presidential candidates Pat Buchanan and Ralph Nader have been excluded from participation in the televised presidential debates, George W. Bush's tepid performance in the first debate on the subject of the newly- approved abortion-inducing drug RU-486 may have increased Buchanan's margin of support among stunned social conservatives who expected far more of the Republican nominee. more...

Buchanan Speaks to Campbell Crowd
Fayetteville Online
Matt Leciercq

Buchanan, who was banned from Wednesday's debate between Democrat Al Gore and Republican George W. Bush, sharply criticized the presidential debate commission for excluding him.

Buchanan called the commission a "hit squad" run by Republicans and Democrats, who are "illegal corporate contributors" because they only give their candidates television exposure. more...

Buchanan: Back English-Immersion Classes, Else U.S. Will Break Apart
Arizona Republic
Jon Kamman

The United States risks breaking up if it doesn't immerse newcomers in English and block further illegal immigration, presidential candidate Pat Buchanan said today in Phoenix.

"If we're going to have a society that stays together, we've got to have a common language," the Reform Party nominee told a news conference.

"Unrestricted immigration is overwhelming the melting pot," Buchanan said. "It's particularly acute in Arizona, where Douglas has basically become the open would in a bleeding border." more...

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Buchanan Criticizes U.S. Foreign Policy

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Californians Respond to Meatball

Buchanan: U.S. Should Hunt Bombers, Adopt Even Handed Mid East Stance

Buchanan Attacks Vermont Civil Unions

Buchanan Speaks to Campbell University Crowd

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Buchanan: Back English-immersion Classes, else U.S. Will Break Apart

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