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Pioneer in E-Mail Technology

Today e-mail is a household word. Millions of people use the Internet for communication. E-mail connects businesses, homes, universities, government agencies, individuals, and organizations in over one hundred countries.

Known worldwide as Dr. E-Mail, V.A. Shiva is a recognized pioneer in e-mail technology. Shiva and his consulting staff regularly meets with companies to help them develop their e-commerce strategy. American Express, AT&T, Allstate, Gateway, IBM, JCPenney, the United States Senate and many others have come to Dr. E-Mail for help in building unified intelligent messaging and relationship marketing solutions.

Dr. E-Mail's award winning EchoMail technology is the industry's only holistic approach to electronic Customer Relationship Management. EchoMail's Inbound solution automatically reads, analyzes, routes, tracks, and responds to E-Mail sent to you by your customers. EchoMail's Outbound solution proactively invites customers to interact immediately with you by way of direct e-mail campaigns. Taking advantage of both the outbound and inbound solutions allows EchoMail clients to participate in an ongoing, real-time dialog with customers: a phenomenal marketing strategy that has seen participating companies realize significant cost savings and increased customer satisfaction.

Making Headlines

Dr. E-Mail is Making Headlines worldwide. Please take a moment to read some of the exciting mentions we have received from prominent on and off-line newspapers and magazines. As the e-business industry continues to explode, EchoMail's focus on E-Mail continues to be one of the most fascinating journeys. We have many great stories to tell. Our press center provides the latest information on Dr. E-mail, on EchoMail product upgrades, and other interesting company related news. Dr. E-Mail is a contributing member of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). If you are interested in setting up an interview contact us at:

Inspiration Speaker

Shiva has a flair for inspiring people and organizations. He has a rare talent for communicating revolutionary technological concepts to a wide variety of audiences - including audiences with limited e-business knowledge. His seminars have proven very popular in industry forums across the country and around the world. We welcome you to attend one of these upcoming engagements:

Upcoming Engagements:

Conference: Le potenzialita del Marketing on-line in Italy
Presented By: Brodeur ImageTime
When: December 12, 2000
Where: Rome, Italy
Keynote: Marketing on-line in Italy: how it can be done

V.A. Shiva will be the keynote speaker providing valuable insight for the Italian market on the implementation of International Customer Relations for the on-line environment focusing on E-Mail management and user faithfulness.

Conference: 2000 GM Dealer Summit
Presented By: Maritz Performance Improvement Company
When: October 18-21, 2000
Where: Scottsdale, Arizona
Panel: Electronic Customer Relationship Management

V.A. Shiva, President & CEO, of EchoMail, Inc. will be one of the distinguished speakers at the 2000 GM Dealer Summit to be held in Scottsdale, Arizona on October 18th. Shiva will cover "Relationship Marketing- How E-Mail helps Your Business" when he addresses the top fifty General Motors Parts and Sales Dealers in the country. He will be joined by Dr. Price Pritchett, Chairman of Pritchett, Rummler-Brache, Chris Mines, Group Director for Forrester, Inc., and Mark Hogan, President of E-General Motors in a panel discussion entitled, "E-Enthusiasm," moderated by Dr. David Cole, University of Michigan.

Previous Engagements:

  • Producing Sales in Call Centers
        Keynote Address: Implementing Interactive Web
        Institute of International Research, Washington, D.C., June 2000

  • Measuring and Managing the Quality of E-Mail Response
        Keynote Address: Using Automated Systems to Improve E-Mail Response
        InfoCast, San Francisco, CA, May 2000

  • JCPenney Internet Day
        Keynote Address: E-Mail - The Ultimate Relationship Builder
        JCPenney, Huston, TX, May 2000

  • Annual Investment Conference for Private Companies
        Keynote Address: Electronic Customer Relationship Management
        Massachusetts Software and Internet Council, World Trade Center, Boston, MA, April 2000

  • Innovators Breakfast Series
        Open Discussion: The eCRM Problem
        Massachusetts Institute of Technology, New York Academy of Sciences, New York NY, April 2000

  • Innovators Breakfast Series
        Open Discussion: The Power of E-Mail - Brand Loyalty in Real Time
        Massachusetts Institute of Technology, National Press Club, Washington, D.C., April 2000

  • American Express, Naples Conference
        Keynote Address: Electronic Customer Relationship Management
        American Express, Naples, FL, March 2000

  • American Express, Bermuda Conference
        Keynote Address: Electronic Customer Relationship Management
        American Express Delivery Group, South Hampton, Bermuda, March 2000

  • Customer E-Mail Management
        Keynote Address: Using Automated Systems to Improve E-Mail Response
        International Quality & Production Center, London, England, February 2000

  • GM e-Wow Speaker Series: Building Customer Relationships Online
        Keynote Address: Electronic Customer Relationship Management
        General Motors Global Brand Management College, Detroit, Michigan, February 2000

  • Innovators Breakfast Series
        Open Discussion: Is software that answers e-mail automatically the future of online marketing?
        Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, February 2000

  • Internet Customer Relationship Management
        Keynote Address: Electronic Customer Relationship Management
        The Institute for International Research, San Diego, CL, January 24-26, 2000

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