Jason Garfield was born in Norwalk, Connecticut August 9th, 1974. Six months later he moved to New York (With his parents). Five years later he moved to Los Angeles, again bringing his family. Six years later they moved to Seattle, Washington.

Shortly thereafter, at age 11, Jason’s older brother (we’ll call him David….because that’s his name) stumbled upon the Cascade Jugglers weekly meeting at the Seattle Center. David started practicing his juggling, which he apparently already knew how to do, but Jason was unaware of. Regardless, as soon as Jason learned of his brother's meager juggling ability, Jason set his sights on becoming a better juggler than his brother. A few days later Jason set his goals on competitive juggling. At age 13 Jason won the International Juggler's Association’s Junior’s Competition in Denver, Colorado. After that, Jason returned to Seattle and took up street performing, learning how to mix comedy with juggling by stealing stolen routines from other street performers which, for some reason, they don’t like having stolen from them. At age 15, Jason was practicing every day for no less than 3 hours a day to prepare for his next competition. In July, 1990, Jason competed in the Senior’s Competition at U.C.L.A, but got Fifth Place because the competition was rigged.

Jason then quit juggling for 6 years, taking this time to teach himself how to play the piano and make movies. Then, at age 22, Jason became interested in juggling again after accepting a job performing at the Ohio State Fair. Jason dove right back into practice, surpassing his previous skill level within 2 months. Jason went on to juggling 10 balls, then tying the Guinness World Record for 11 balls, not to mention several other extremely hard tricks, all the while documenting his progress on video (which is now available as part of the Juggling Master 2000 video for only $35.00, plus $3.00 for shipping within the us, $8.00 overseas). Then, in 1998, Jason returned to competitive juggling and won the Seniors in Primm, Nevada. Since then, Jason has been working on cruise ships, continually improving and becoming one of the best original acts around, and even octagonal.

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