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Wakeboarders make their own rules. That's why we wanted to let them make their own boat. So we started with a clean slate and asked 'boarders around the world what they wanted in a boat. Together, we thought of everything. And the result is the phenomenal X-Star. Today it is the tow boat for ESPN's X-Games, the Wakeboard Pro Tour, the Vans Triple Crown, the Wakeboard World Cup, Boardstock, the European Wakeboard Pro Tour — and other havens for the certifiably outrageous.

The X-Star has a perfectly shaped wake - phat and crisp. To produce it, we put the engine in the rear, which drives the stern deep into the water. But the X-Star has more than the perfect wake. It's loaded with standard equipment, including the KGB (Keeline Gravity Ballast System) — an internal electric water ballast system that fills with more than 400 pounds of water. We placed the tank low on the centerline for a lower center of gravity. The result is better handling and maneuvering than you'll get with a side tank system.

Then, of course, there's the ZeroFlex™ Flyer, the strongest tower on the market. And don't forget the upgraded Clarion¨ stereo system, raised driver's seat for maximum visibility, a Ready-To-Rumble removable jump seat and a special clothing package. Even the swim platform has been raised to make it easier to strap your board on. The swim platform includes the new teak transom saver, designed to protect your board — and boat — against damage.

Of course, the X-Star also delivers like a pro when you're out for a slalom, jump or trick run. Just empty the KGB water ballast system and hit the throttle for ideal, soft, smooth wakes. The X-Star comes standard with 1.5:1 gear reduction on the transmission, reducing engine wear and delivering infinitely better speed control at wakeboard speeds.

When it's time to kick back after your run, stretch out on the huge sun pad or the new, plush seating. For 2000, we've wrapped the seating all the way around the boat, from the observer's seat to the rear, where it ends in a convenient molded-in exit/entry step. And since wakeboarders like to show off, there's plenty of space in both the cockpit and the deep, roomy open bow for a big audience.

The MasterCraft X-Star: It's the phatest and sickest board boat around. (And that's a good thing.)

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