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Welcome to The Historian.

A Showcase of the works of the renowned historical author, Geoffrey Regan. For those who would like to browse the site and read some extracts from his books there are free samples from most of them.

For those who have enjoyed what they have read and would like to try more THE HISTORIAN is an Arcade in which you can buy and download books that are no longer in print anywhere.

There is also an opportunity to buy Geoffrey Regan's new series of HISTORICAL NOVELS that are only available from this website.

For those interested in History in Education for the 14-18 years range, including GCSE World Affairs and Advanced level there is a unique textbook and a number of topic books.

Geoffrey Regan was also an experienced drama producer and author of plays for schools. Eight of his one-act plays are available in a single collection which can be purchased and downloaded from this website.

Author of several volumes of anecdotes Geoffrey Regan has prepared a series of amusing historical collections to be e-mailed daily or weekly to subscribers. Uniquely he will also prepare individual collections for subscribers to give as gifts to friends, loved-ones and significant others!

Student of music and possessor of one of Britain's largest collections of recorded Classical music, Geoffrey Regan has prepared a substantial list of guides to help those who are eager to broaden their knowledge, widen their taste and dip into the unknown without having to suffer the errors that would otherwise be inevitable. These unique guides are only available from this website.

"This book (The Guinness Book of Military Blunders) should be approached with the same expectations as an evening with Peter Ustinov - it is greatly amusing yet deep in perception and intelligence."

Country Life 1991


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