How Clean Is Your Underwear?
Actual tests performed by a consumer on underwear using a "Structured Water" laundry product.

I decided to test the product to "actually see the results of cleaner clothes." I went to our local department store and bought a fresh 6-pack of white, 100% cotton Hanes underwear. I took four briefs from the package, laid them out on the kitchen table with the bottoms up, and then I found seven colorful items from the kitchen and elsewhere to decorate them:

I carefully applied all seven items equally to each of the four briefs and waited two days for it all to dry. On the third day I gathered some dirt from my backyard and smeared it on part of my now colorful underwear.

Then I marked them 1 through 4 with a permanent marking pen.

Here's a key to the layout.

I then proceeded to wash them one at a time and alone in our Kenmore washing machine using the medium cycle (warm water wash and cold water rinse).

  • I washed brief #1 using one washing globe.

  • I washed brief #2 with just water.

  • I washed brief #3 using two washing globes. (Their literature indicates that you may need to use two globes, depending on the conditions of the water in your area.)

  • I washed brief #4 with 1/2 scoop of Tide's regular detergent (no bleaching source) per directions on the box.

Well, I think their product literature says it best.

You Have To See It
To Believe It!"

1 Ball No Balls
Just Water
2 Balls Regular Tide
(no bleach)

My Conclusion

Now, as if you don't already know, I am neither a scientist nor were my tests done in an expensive laboratory designed for testing laundry products under clinical conditions. You should not rely on this amateurish evaluation for statistical comparison or accuracy. The following paragraph is merely my opinion about the results.

As you can see from the pictures above, there appears to be no difference between using "The Laundry Solution" globe and plain warm water in this instance. They both cleaned surprisingly well. Also, there appeared to be no difference when two globes were used. The briefs washed in Regular Tide were noticeably cleaner.

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