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Oxygen GVX1 wins Cadalyst Labs best High-End board 1999

Oxygen GMX

Pure Fuel for Professional 3D Graphics

The Oxygen™ GMX, with the sizzling hot GLINT® GMX 2000 chipset, packs full 3D-geometry and lighting acceleration with scalable rasterization processing into an industrial strength, high-end professional graphics solution. By integrating 100% of the OpenGL 1.1 geometry and rasterization pipeline in silicon, Oxygen GMX delivers incredible performance for your most complex and demanding CAD and authoring projects. Oxygen GMX - expect the best, and turn up the heat on your productivity.

  • Support for tri-linear and bi-linear texture mapping with per-pixel perspective correction and specular lighting with full sub-pixel precision
  • Dual GLINT MX rasterization processors deliver high-performance, true-color 2D and 3D rendering and texture mapping
  • Complete professional buffer support: overlays, fogging, stencil planes, hardware window clipping, destination alpha and anti-aliasing
  • GLINT Gamma hard-wired geometry processor delivers 2 Gflops of geometry and lighting acceleration in silicon
  • GLINT GMX 2000 chipset boosts overall graphics performance by accelerating the entire OpenGL pipeline in a single AGP slot
  • A massive 96 MB of memory supports true-color screen resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 plus plenty of on-board textures
  • High-precision, true-color rendering and 32 bit Z-buffer
  • Oxygen 3D cards are certified on the leading CAD/CAM and design applications

Features and Technical Specifications
Supports the leading professional 3D applications
The OXYGEN Family
OXYGEN GMX is a Member of the Award-winning Oxygen Family

Win! an OXYGEN Graphics Card

Features and Technical Specifications


3Dlabs GLINT® GMX 2000 (GLINT Gamma geometry engine + dual parallel GLINT MX rasterizers)

Geometry acceleration

Hard-wired 2 Gflop GLINT Gamma geometry accelerator processes all transform and lighting calculations in silicon

Bus type


PCI is available from MaxVision

Integrated 2D acceleration and VGA


On-board memory

96 MB total

Maximum true-color resolution

1920 x 1080, HDTV support

Z-buffer precision at maximum resolution

32 bit

3D performance
Bi-linear pixels/second
Tri-linear pixels/second

3.3 million
66 million
33 million

Accelerated OpenGL functions

Gouraud shading, tri-linear mip-mapped texture mapping with perspective correction, anti-aliasing, translucency with destination alpha buffer, fogging, 8-bit OpenGL stencil buffers, full graphics overlays


Full Three-year parts and labor warranty

Accelerated driver support

Windows® NT 4.0 or later
Full OpenGL ICD 1.1

Dual screens from a single card

Not applicable

Control panel

Dynamically auto-tunes for optimized application performance

Supports the leading professional 3D applications, including:

Pro/ENGINEER, Catia, SolidWorks, Unigraphics, I-DEAS Master Series, MicroStation, SolidDesigner, Solid Edge, AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop, Ansys, Softimage|3D, Maya, LightWave 3D, 3D Studio MAX & VIZ, Lightscape, Houdini, GameGen, WorldToolKit, IGrip, Quest, Open Inventor

The OXYGEN Family

Oxygen ACX: Ultimate AutoCAD performance using the Permedia® 2
Oxygen VX1: Industrial-strength graphics for the price of a mere games card
Oxygen GVX1: Accelerated geometry power for workstation professionals
Oxygen GMX: High-end workstation graphics with 96MB of on-board memory

OXYGEN GMX is a Member of the Award-winning Oxygen Family


Awesome Rating
NewMedia Magazine


4 Star Rating
Cadence Magazine


Highly Recommended
Cadalyst Magazine


Award of Excellence
DV Magazine

Win! an OXYGEN Graphics Card

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