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Welcome to mircscripts.org! In this site you will find helpful information on mIRC scripting, mIRC scripts, free tutorials, code snippets, addons, and more. If you want to learn how to build your own script, this is the place for you. Updated very frequently, so keep checking back to find what you're looking for.

If you have something (script, addon, tutorial, etc..) you would like to send to us, use the submit form.
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Latest Content:
Update: simple clone scanner 04b    addon    October 17th
Update: Maze 1.1    addon    October 17th
UltraSnooze Away System 1.0    addon    October 14th
Update: Queue alias    code snippet    October 12th
$hmatch identifier    code snippet    October 12th
Update: Leprechaun Dialog Maker v0.3    addon    October 10th
Queue alias    code snippet    October 10th
$average identifier    code snippet    October 10th
$eq Identifier    code snippet    October 9th
Shah Mat v1.0    addon    October 9th
Latest News:
October 17th, 4:21pm - fubar
I updated the 5 winnings logos (they're generated randomly). Unfortunately we didn't get as many entries as we had hoped for. subbie, hantu, and thediablo's logos are the winners and the other 2 are mine and dohcan's. I'm going to leave the logo's page up and anyone can still submit logos and if they're good enough, we'll add them with the winning logos.
October 10th, 1:58pm - dohcan
Regarding the challenge, we got a couple people asking the same question, so I have made an update to the challenge page in order to answer it. No rules were added or changed.
October 8th, 9:15pm - dohcan
At last, a new challenge. Hopefully, you guys will like this one a bit more. Head on over to the challenge page to see what it is!
October 7th, 9:52pm - dohcan
We're going to update the challenge page tomorrow with what we hope is a better challenge. From now on, we're gonna try and keep the challenges shorter since we think the main problem (as some of you pointed out, as well) is the challenges like the Calculator are too drawn out. If you guys have any suggestions for challenges, email fubar or me with your ideas. Try to think of challenges *you* would like to compete in.
October 7th, 12:16am - dohcan
I'd like to take this moment to say thanks to everyone that has supported us since our start in July. I've noticed many, many smaller personal pages where you guys have linked to us, and I think that's great! I would also like to thank everyone who has contributed to the site, we've got a pretty nice archive of resource materal (along with addons and a few scripts). fubar should be getting back sometime this weekend, so hopefully we'll catch up with the updates too. :)
September 30th, 4:40am - fubar
I'm going to be gone all next week(until next saturday). So, dohcan will be handling any of the file updates, which might not be many because he's working on other sections of the site. Also, the next challenge won't be updated until I get back. I'm going to visit Mickey Mouse, I'll tell him you said hi :)
September 22nd, 10:04pm - fubar
Are you good with graphics? Well, we're holding a logo contest for the main mircscripts.org logo. The top 5 logos chosen will be randomly rotated on the homepage. Go here for more contest details.
September 21st, 2:59pm - dohcan
We have changed the format of the file area a little bit. Instead of just having a comments section, it now has a "More Info" section. Occasionally, we may write a longer "mini-review" type description for a file (mostly this is for addons). If we do, the short description will be available from the file listing, and the longer "mini-review" will be available under "More Info".
September 18th, 5:18pm - fubar
New challenge added! Sorry for the delay, we took a few days off from the challenge. This challenge is to create your own calculator, more details and rules here.
September 11th, 6:51pm - dohcan
We moved to a new dedicated webserver that will hopefully be more stable now, and that was the reason for the downtime.

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