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Winter 97 Issue

Inventors Take Terrace To A New Level... Six Levels... Not Eight!

Portland, OR -
The inventors of Terrace have excited the game market with their announcement that Terrace 6x6, a six-level version of Terrace, will be released this October '97.

This new Terrace 6x6 version will permanently replace the eight-level game which was first introduced in 1992...winning "Best New Abstract Strategy Game" from GAMES magazine, "Best New Mind Game" from the Mensa (High-IQ) Society and many other awards for high quality of play and design.

It's easier than checkers, more challenging than chess...and more fun than both." -Buzz Siler

When Buzz Siler, one of the inventors of Terrace, was asked why the eight level version was replaced by the six-level version, instead of just offering both, his reply was quick. "It's a much better game. We always promised ourselves that if we could improve the game, we would. We're keeping our promise to ourselves and to the thousands of Terrace players around the world who want to play the very best abstract strategy game in the world. Now it's easier than checkers, more challenging than chess...and more fun than both."

None of the four Terrace rules have been changed for this new six-level version, and no new rules have been added, but the action certainly changed (see "Action Starts Quicker" on this page). What is most noticeable is that the new gameboard is made of a soft flexible foam rubber material. The gamepieces don't slide off the board anymore!.

ACTION Starts QUICKER with new TERRACE 6x6

Most Classic abstract strategy games provide a playing "field" which is large enough to allow a certain number of moves (at the beginning of the game) for the players to "set themselves up" for an attack on the opponent. Well you can forget that luxury when you start playing new Terrace 6x6.

The Terrace 6x6 board is, as the name implies, a 6x6 grid of 36 squares. This is a dramatic 43% reduction in the size of the playing field compared to the original Terrace 8x8 grid of 64 squares. The playing field is almost half its original Terrace 8x8 grid of 64 squares. The playing field is almost half its original size. Of course with Terrace 6x6 each player is playing with 4 fewer game pieces (12 instead of 16) because there are two rows of 6 pieces instead of two rows of 8... but that's only a 25% reduction of pieces.

There are only two rows of vacant squares separating Terrace pieces at the start of a game (instead of four rows in original eight-level Terrace). This reduced "buffer zone" allows an aggressive player to launch an immediate up close, in-your-face attack on the opponent within a move or two. The opponent better be ready for some quick evasive moves or it will be a mighty short game!

Game Variations

Variety is the spice of life. Try a variation of TERRACE just for the fun of it!

"4 Player Terrace...pure FUN"

Game experts and reviews agree. Terrace is an abstract strategy game of the highest order... on a par with chess and other very serious strategy games. But does that mean it can't be fun too?

What images come to your mind when you imagine two people playing chess? Are they laughing? No... they're probably not even smiling. They're staring and grimacing at the board or at one another... locked in a powerful intellectual combat (combat that seems to have found its way to their faces as well as the gameboard!). You can just feel the tension.

But some game players (and most reviewers) are missing something very important about Terrace. The game was also created to be played by three and four players... and those games are the other side of Terrace...the really FUN side of Terrace...

When three or four people play Terrace, luck plays as important a role as skill in the outcome of the game. How does luck play a role in these games? Well, first, when you make all the perfect moves to win, but the other players all "gang-up" on you at the last minute, you got unlucky! Or if one of the players "throws" the game advantage to another player by not capturing his piece (and capturing yours instead), you got unlucky! And so on.

Believe me, when skill is not the only factor, you suddenly take the game less seriously... you loosen up a little more... you start talking as much as playing (you have more time between moves) and (here's the best part) you start plotting with player #2 to jointly attack player #3... then you turn on player #2 and attack him with the help of player #4. Wow! This is fun stuff! And even when they turn on you, and you lose, you know it was a fight against such overwhelming odds... that you don't feel bad! You had FUN!

So socialize with the game of Terrace. Get you friends involved in a three or four player game...then write us with your experiences. We'll publish the best ones!

Inventor's Notebook

Commentary from Buzz Siler and Tony Dresden, Inventors of TERRACE

No Terrace 6x6 at Toys R Us?...Why?

As everyone may know by now, Tony and I, now have taken back all marketing rights to Terrace from Herbko International in Florida. We were extremely unhappy with the miserable way they treated the many independent game stores across America (and they ignored us most of the time too!).

It's not that we don't understand the value of providing good service to the major chain stores like Toys R Us, FAO Schwarz, and others...they sell hundreds of thousands of games each year. It's just that we didn't think that the good service to the major chain stores necessarily had to be at the expense of the thousands of small independent stores (who also collectively sell lots of games). And what's more important to us, it was the independent game stores who built up the sales of Terrace to the point that it was noticed by the majors.

We now have an opportunity to make it up to the independent game store owners...if they'll let us...by offering them the new Terrace 6x6, and not offering it to Toys R Us. The independents always come first in our lives... without them we'd be nowhere!

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