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Jerry Maguire (1996)

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cover Directed by
Cameron Crowe 

Writing credits
Cameron Crowe 

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Genre: Comedy / Drama / Romance (more)

Tagline: Everybody loved him... Everybody disappeared. (more)

Plot Outline: When a sports agent has a moral ephiphany and is fired for expressing it, he decides to put his new philosophy to the test as an independent with the only athlete who stays with him. (more)

User Comments: At the risk of my own cynical reputation... (more)

User Rating: *******___ 7.3/10 (13814 votes) 

Cast overview, first billed only:
Tom Cruise .... Jerry Maguire
Cuba Gooding Jr. .... Rod Tidwell
Renée Zellweger .... Dorothy Boyd
Kelly Preston .... Avery Bishop
Jerry O'Connell .... Frank Cushman
Jay Mohr .... Bob Sugar
Bonnie Hunt .... Laurel Boyd
Regina King .... Marcee Tidwell
Jonathan Lipnicki .... Ray Boyd
Todd Louiso .... Chad The Nanny
Mark Pellington .... Bill Dooler
Jeremy Suarez .... Tyson Tidwell
Jared Jussim .... Dicky Fox
Benjamin Kimball Smith .... Keith Cushman
Ingrid Beer .... Anne-Louise
MPAA: Rated R for language and sexuality.
Runtime: USA:138 / UK:135 / Argentina:137
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color (DeLuxe)
Sound Mix: DTS / Dolby / SDDS
Certification: USA:R / UK:15 / Austria:6 / Finland:K-12 / Germany:6 / Netherlands:AL / Norway:11 / Portugal:M/12 / Spain:7 / Sweden:7 / Argentina:13 / Australia:M

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User Comments:

Leigh Loveday

Date: 14 July 1999
Summary: At the risk of my own cynical reputation...

It's all well and good to stroll through life with a healthy air of scepticism, but despite some peoples' views on these supposedly 'manipulative' romantic films, there are an elite few that really do have things to say based on something more noble than ticket sales - things that are actually worth listening to.

Jerry Maguire is one of these rare beasts. No, it's not perfect, and no, it doesn't ring true for every last second of its running time, but if you come away from it with a sneer rather than a genuine desire to take a step back and look at yourself, then there's no romance in your soul at all. It's a genre that's always been particularly susceptible to the flood of lacklustre money-spinners, so to come across something that's had so much visible thought and effort thrown into it from all corners is a revelation. I'm not naive enough to think that anything making it big in the film industry these days can be purely a labour of love, but Jerry Maguire at least comes close.

It's refreshing to see Tom Cruise demonstrate that, against all odds, he can act his heart out when given the right role, as can Cuba Gooding Jr. (neither of them better previously or since) - and the rest of the cast give it every bit as much passion. It's beautifully written, and shot with an easy style that makes me wish there were more directors like Cameron Crowe in this world.

And on top of that, it gets better with each viewing. Even the soundtrack feels as if weeks have been spent fine-tuning it to perfection, and I'm no fan of Springsteen or Tom Petty. Deride it if you like, I'm not saying that Jerry Maguire's totally free of sentiment... I'm just suggesting that it's not necessarily a bad thing to have your heartstrings tugged and your self-awareness questioned once in a while.

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