Honored at Japan SF Awards

This year's Japan SF Awards were held on Dec. 2, at the Tokyo Kaikan. This year's winners were Miyabe Miyuki's "Gammo-tei Jiken (The Gammo Manner Incident)" and our own "NEON GENESIS EVANGELION".
The movie "Gamera 2" was last year's winner, but never before has an animation feature won this award.
The twelfth-floor event hall of the Tokyo Kaikan was a lively place, with luminaries from the SF world and other spheres of influence as well. The awards ceremony itself began with a speech by Minamiyama Hiroshi of the awards committee, who explained why these works had been selected. He told of how difficult the judging had been, even just to narrow the award down to an unusual two recipients.
After speeches by Tokuma Yasuyoshi, president of the event's backer, Tokuma Shoten, and Nagai Go, president of the Japan SF Club, at last came the awards ceremony. After receiving his certificate and trophy, Anno made his own speech. Speaking briefly about his recollections of the Japan SF Conventions "DAICON 3 & 4", in which he participated as a member of the organizing committees, he went on to say that he intended to continue making SF stories from here on.
And it's all thanks to our impassioned fans that we were awarded this prestigious trophy. From all of us at GAINAX, our heartfelt thanks.

Anno receiving his certificate from Nagai Go.

Anno's speech this day was full of fire.

The toast that marked the end of the awards ceremony. At far right is author Kitagata Kenzo.