Marie du Santiago interviewed in Melody Maker, April 26-May 2 2000 issue

What have you been up to?
"All sorts, really. Lots of recording and sorting our lives out and writing songs. It's the calm before the storm now."

What's the "Santa Poca's Dream" of the new EP (out this week)?
"It's a place in Latin America. It's all about wanting to get away to a kind of rock'n'roll retreat. I sound like a wanker, but I don't mean to. It's about escaping to something that's not real, so it's probably better staying where you are."

We hear you've done a Moby and given the EP track "Demon" to an advert?
"Yeah, Leyland Daf vans! They said, 'We love your crazy sound. Will you be on our advert?' I think they liked the driving noise of it - you can smell the rubber on Tarmac! The ad has a white van man, a quintessential evil driver, but he's being nice. It's supposed to change the way you think about vans. We were so busy laughing, we didn't understand the plot, but it's a subject close to our hearts."

How's the album going?
"It's not finished, but it's really good. It's nice to have a bit of breathing space. We've been having lots of great ideas."

Will you be debuting new songs on this tour (April 27-May 9)?
"It'll be all new songs, more or less. Because we've not got an album out, we can just scrap them and start again if we want. It's exciting, or maybe it's a recipe for disaster. At least I've got all my clothes ready. We want to be like Led Zeppelin - one of those groups that sell millions of albums because every song sounds like a hit single. Mind you, John Squire did the Led Zeppelin thing. And Oasis. Maybe I'll avoid that ... but when you have a natural predisposition to rock'n'roll, you have to go with it."

Are you talking to your former Kenickie bandmate, Lauren Laverne?
"I don't really want to talk about Kenickie."

Haven't the fans followed you to Rosita?
"If they have, it's a surprise. When you start a group, you don't start a tribute band. This is a different group. I think people will be surprised. You'll have to wait and see, because the album's not finished. It could be full of madrigals, but that might make the baby Jesus cry."

Are you proud of Kenickie?
"Yeah, of course. Those songs were my babies, but I'm even more proud of this stuff. I have a very short attention-span."

Playing any festivals?
"We'll do as many as we can. We're a festival group, we love the sunshine. We did Reading last year - I'd like to do that again because it's got a brilliant line-up."

You're signed to the Beastie Boys' Grand Royal empire. Do you get free clothes?
"They're on the way! We're excited. Emmy [Montrose, bassist] saw these brilliant all-in-one romper suits in LA. Grand Royal is the perfect label. They've got enough cash to sort things out. We haven't met them, though. I think we're going to go to New York to have a look at them. That's all we want to do."