Rosita / Mika Bomb

London Kentish Town Bull & Gate

As Ron Atkinson would undoubtedly say, it's a game of two halves. Mika Bomb are four impossibly pretty Japanese girls (and an obscured male drummer), who take an applied learning approach to rock'n'roll. Having obviously studied the best of Western proto-pop and spiky Tommy-gun punk, they just can't wait to jig it all together and throw it at you. Like an on-form Elastica covering Shampoo, they screech songs about knickers, jump up and down and make a glorious noise. All of which throws Rosita into sharp relief.

Like Bradford City, Rosita struggle gamely, if awkwardly, throughout before a last throw of the dice hints at survival. For now. Waiting until the 11th song of an 11-song set before hitting your stride does not make for a great show. On the plus side, the fact that that track is recent single 'Santa Poca's Dream' at least hints that they're trying to outgrow their bouncy power-pop exterior.

If Mika Bomb were still at school in Toyko they would probably love Rosita - a point illustrated when they join them onstage for a fired-up, pogoing 'Hey Hey Baby'. But they're not. And it's no longer 1996. If Rosita are to continue as a going concern, some immediate investment in new ideas is essential.

Paul McNamee