Falun Dafa
Master Li Hongzhi

A Short Biography of Mr. Li Hongzhi
     Founder of Falun Xiulian Dafa, President of the Research Society
of Falun Buddha Science
       The year of 1992 saw the spectacular appearance of a marvelous man with his miraculous cultivation way in
the world of qigong in China. The man is Mr. Li Hongzhi, founder of Falun Buddha Law, which has qualified itself
as a school directly under the leadership of the China Institute of Qigong Science Research. Mr. Li came into
public and began to teach his cultivation system in May that year. The entirely new features, which are totally
different from the characteristics of the traditional cultivation principles and their exercises, and the originality of his
cultivation system, have been attracting more and more qigong lovers. All those who are fortunate enough to
cultivate Falun Dafa are fully convinced of the profound principles and the Law he has preached, are all amazed
by his superb energy potency and are all fascinated by the magic effectiveness of his cultivation way. Falun
Buddha Law is like a bright shining pearl that dispels the dirt out of the practitioner's mind with its dazzling
radiance and lights the beacon on the great way towards cultivation.
       Mr. Li was born into an ordinary intellectual's family in the city of Gongzhuling, Jilin Province, China, on May
13 (the eighth day of the fourth month by China lunar calendar), 1951. Being gifted and compassionate, he was
different from the other children of his age. Seeing his mother toiling day and night, he offered to undertake the
tasks of cooking, chopping wood, looking after the house, taking care of his younger brother and sisters. Feeling a
sense of security, his brother and sisters and little companions were fond of playing with him.
       At the age of four, Mr. Li received personal instructions from Law Master Quan Jue, the 10th heir to the
Great Law of the Buddha School which has been handed down to only one disciple each time, and began his
cultivation of the supreme qualities "Zhen Shan Ren" ( Truth Compassion Forbearance). At the beginning,
his master only played with him and did not teach him how to practise. Whenever he did a good thing, his master
would smile gladly, but when he did a bad thing, his master would look unhappy. Sometimes, a child's nature
would cause him to behave naughtily on purpose. For example, he would fight with other boys. But after the
fighting, he would meet with a mishap. Sometimes he could not stand on his feet properly and would tumble
repeatedly for no reason, one after another. Sometimes he would suddenly find his hand injured and bleeding.
Whenever such a thing happened, his master would stand in the distance watching him, but saying nothing. If he
refused to admit that he was wrong, there would suddenly come some big boys who would give him a good
beating. And his master would still as before look at him seriously and say nothing. Only when he admitted his fault
would his master give him a smile.
       At the age of eight, Mr. Li suddenly felt something more in the corner of his eyes, and came to realize they
were three words: "Zhen Shan Ren". It was his master who had planted the words there. Other people could not
see the words, but he could see them at any time. In the years following, his master told him the meaning of the
three words. "Zhen" (Turth) requires that one should behave honestly, tell the truth, not cheat anyone, tell no lies,
conceal no faults when he commits them and return to the origin and go back to the truth in the future. "Shan"
(Compassion) requires that one should have compassion, not bully, show sympathy for the weak, give help to the
poor, be ready to help others and do more good deeds. "Ren" (Forbearance) means looking at the bright side of
things in the face of difficulty and insults, enduring them without resentment or hatred, grudge or revenge, and being
able to bear the greatest hardship and tolerate what an ordinary person cannot tolerate. Simple as these three
words may seem, they have extremely rich connotations. They are the top secret of the universe. Whenever Mr. Li
recalled this, he would say with deep feeling, "My first master guided me for eight whole years just for these three
words, which shows the great pains he took. It is easy to say 'Zhen Shan Ren', but it is rather difficult to behave
according to them. My master not only made it possible for me to see them at all times, but also printed them deep
into my mind. What's more, he would see that I put them into practice in whatever I did afterwards." Owing to
such strict requirements, Mr. Li laid a solid foundation of Xinxing deep in his young heart.
       At the age of eight, Mr. Li attained the superb Great Law with great supernatural powers. If he just said to
himself, "Nobody will see me." while playing hide-and-seek with his friends, he would not be found. Even his face
was lit with a torch, others would say that they could not see him. There were long, rusty and curved nails in
wood, and he was able to pull them out by a slight effort of his hand. In winter, the water in the pipe was frozen.
When he went to hook it with his hand, the pipe became bent at once, but even he himself did not know why this
had happened. When playing with his little friends on the snow-covered ground, running and jumping, he would
rise high into the air. When he saw two boys ready to fight and he did not want one of them to charge at the other,
the one would really be unable to move. When he was in the fourth grade, once, he left his schoolbag in the
classroom after school. When he returned to fetch it, he found the door of the classroom locked and the windows
shut. Then, an idea came to his mind: "If only I could enter the classroom!" With the thought flashing past, he
suddenly found himself already in the classroom. With another thought, he was out again. Even he himself was
amazed at what had happened. Once after this, an idea suddenly occurred to him, "How would I feel if I stopped
myself in the middle of the glass?" With such a thought, he really found himself in the middle of the window glass,
feeling his whole body and mind all filled with fragments of glass. He felt so uncomfortable that he wanted to go
out immediately. With this thought he was out of the glass again. At that time, he did not know what supernatural
powers were. He thought that everybody could do what he did, so he paid no attention to them.
       Mr. Li was most influenced by his first master, who planted the seeds of "Zhen Shan Ren" in his mind,
provided him with supernatural energy and helped him develop many fine qualities which have shaped his
character. He was always ready to help others. Whatever he did, he first thought of others. Seeing a stone on the
road, he would pick it up and throw it away for fear that others might stumble over it. When he was at the primary
school, he used to swim in the South Lake. One day, when he went by the lake after school, he suddenly heard
someone shouting , "A man has fallen into the lake!", "The man is getting drowned!" He went over and really saw a
man struggling hopelessly in the lake far from the bank. Without any hesitation, he took off his clothes and jumped
into the lake. Soon he reached the man and told him calmly, "Take breath. Don't move! I can save you." The man
obediently did what he was told to. Only when he dragged the man to the bank did he realize that the man was an
adult, who was much bigger than himself. No sooner had the man had a respite on the bank than Mr. Li went
home. Young Li Hongzhi did many things like this but he never mentioned them to others. When he occasionally
talked about them a dozen years later, he mentioned them casually, thinking that it was his duty to do such things
and they were not worth mentioning. Young Li Hongzhi had a compassionate heart. He would shed tears when he
found a good person suffering in the film or in a novel.
       His first master left him when he was twelve. On the point of leaving, the master said to him, "A new master
will come to teach you." The second master mainly taught him Taoist Gongfu. He began to practise boxing ,
sword-and-spear play and did the integrated cultivation of both external and internal exercise. The master would
take him to an isolated place and keep him company when he was practising. When doing the riding stance, he
would keep the posture for hours. He practised so hard that he often dripped with sweat. Consequently his body
became as soft as cotton and as hard as iron. Time flied with spring gone and autumn in. Two years had passed
before he knew it. How much he had sweated an ordinary person could hardly imagine, but as a reward, his
Gongfu had reached the acme of perfection. Soon his second master, for whom he had a deep affection, was also
to leave him. On the eve of departure, the master said to him, I'm called Eight-Pole-Immortal. I'm wandering
about without any destination. After I am gone, the only thing you should keep in mind is: Practise diligently. In the
days afterwards, Mr. Li firmly bore in mind his master's instructions. He practised diligently at an isolated place in
the dead of the night. With the passage of time, winter in and summer gone, the calluses that had appeared on his
hands and the shirts that had been soaked with sweat were beyond count. Practice makes perfect. His Gongfu
had already reached an advanced level in his cultivation of Shi Jian Fa ( the In-Triple-World-Law) when he
was only a teenager.
       Mr. Li got a job in 1972. That year, a third master - a master of the Great Way School with the Taoist alias
of True Taoist came from the Changbai Mountains. Unlike his two former masters, this master wore no Taoist's
robe, but he was dressed like an ordinary man. He never said where he lived. This master mainly taught inner
cultivation. At that time, people did not dare to practise qigong openly, so he usually practised at night.
Sometimes, his master would take his Zhu Yi Shi (the Main Consciousness) out for practice. In sleep, he could
often feel his master putting something into his brain and Celestial Eye. The inner cultivation of the Great Way
School had strict requirements for the practitioner's Xinxing. His master demanded that he should cultivate his
Xinxing in daily life. Whenever he did something wrong, his master would appear before him, blaming and
reprimanding him through the mouths of others. Owing to such strict requirements, Mr. Li Hongzhi 's Xinxing had
reached an extremely high level. His colleagues all found that he was kind and honest, and they were pleased to
get along with him. He never argued with others. Not understanding him, some people said that he was foolish, for
he did not take what he ought to, nor did he ask for what he should. He had indeed arrived at such a realm of
awareness that he had freed himself from all kinds of desires and personal interests of ordinary people. He
behaved all in accordance with nature, caring little about fame and gain and behaving with self-composure. In the
face of being wronged or blamed for no reason, other people would defend him against the injustice done to him,
but he himself just laughed it away.
       The master of the Great Way School was gone in 1974. Later, came a female master of the Buddha School,
who chiefly taught Buddha School's cultivation principles and exercise to him. By that time, though Mr. Li was
only twenty-three or so, his energy potency had reached a very high level. In 1982, he was transferred to civilian
work in the city of Changchun and began to practise even more painstakingly than ever before. Over a period of
about a dozen of years, he received instructions successively from more than twenty masters from both the
Buddha School and the Tao School, with a different master teaching him at each different level of cultivation.
Whenever he reached a new level in cultivation, he would undergo a tribulation. Many of the tribulations were so
great that they were hard for an ordinary person to imagine.
       Now, Mr. Li's energy potency has reached an extremely high level. Some of his supernatural powers are
difficult for ordinary people to imagine or understand. One evening in July, 1990, he was practising with several
disciples of his in the courtyard of an institution in Beijing. Soon, the sky was overcast with dark clouds. Then
came the thunder and lightening, which exploded as if just above their heads. The disciples began to grow restless
because the weather was not fit for practice according to the general rules of practice. Seeing their master still
sitting cross-legged on a large rock as steadily as a mountain with no intention to waver or shrink back, they went
on with their practice. Strangely enough, it did not rain, though the black clouds were very thick and low, with
thunders rolling in the sky. When the practice came to an end, Mr. Li said to his disciples calmly, "It won't rain
within thirty minutes. Don't worry about it. Just go your way." One of the disciples lived in the west of the city. It
took him about thirty minutes to get home by bus. No sooner had he entered his house than the rain pelted down
as if the sky were leaking. There are many miraculous stories about Mr. Li. As ordinary people may find them
incredible, we are not going to write more about them.
       After dozens of years' diligent cultivation, Mr. Li's energy potency reached an extremely high level. Above all,
he has been able to see the truth of the universe, many more beautiful things which have existed there for a long
time, as well as the origin, development and future of mankind.
       When he was not practising, Mr. Li had one thing lingering in his mind : "Why did the masters teach me the
Gongfu ? Why should I come to this world?" He had no time to ask himself the question during practice. Though
he thought about it occasionally in his spare time, he could not get an answer to it. With the growth of his energy
potency, he came to understand mankind and human life better and better.
       Mankind should have been happier. But people have lost their true selves. Their spirits have been corrupted
and their bodies have been suffering. Though their living standards are improving day by day, their spiritual
qualities can not keep up with them. Mr. Li felt sad whenever he thought about it. People need strong physiques
and noble spirits to build a perfect society and live a happy life. He realized his duty and made up his mind to
devote himself to working for people's health and building a paradise of noble spirit. He decided to create a great
Law suitable for ordinary people to cultivate based on the great Law which had been imparted only to himself and
which he had been cultivating alone for so many years as a means of achieving this goal. He knew that the goal
was a good one but difficult to achieve, and that the route he was going to take would be full of complexities,
hardships and dangers. But once he had made up his mind, he took action without hesitation.
       From 1984, Mr. Li started making a serious investigation into different qigong activities at home and abroad
and attended a number of qigong impartment classes. He analysed the characteristics of modern people, as the
Great Law, which would find its cultivators among ordinary people, should adapt itself to their way of life. An
ordinary person has a job and has limited time for practice each day. The traditional cultivation ways are too
elaborate to practise and are too slow in developing their cultivation energy. He saw that Xinxing is the root cause
of human health. Everybody looks forward to a happy life, but they meet with every kind of misfortune because
they have lost their true selves. Therefore, Mr. Li was determined to create a great Law- Falun Buddha Law
suitable for the cultivation of contemporary people (because the Great Law of Falun Cultivating the Buddhas Mr.
Li had cultivated in the past was a grand-scale cultivation way and could not be popularized on a large scale).
       Beginning from 1984, Mr. Li devoted his whole body and mind to the adaptation work of Falun Buddha
Law. The Law Wheels of the Buddha School, the Yin and Yang of the Tao School, and everything in the ten
Directions, all find their reflections in Falun Buddha Law without exception. When Mr. Li set about creating Falun
Buddha Law, all his masters came back. The superior space masters of the Buddha School, Tao School, Great
Way School and some other schools all participated in the work. Every posture and movement of Falun Dafa
were finally fixed after repeated deliberation, evolution, practice and identification under the guidance of his
masters. Therefore, what Falun Dafa contains is more than what belongs to Mr. Li or a few cultivation schools. It
has assembled all the mystical powers, which are the essence of the whole cosmos. Now, it has found its
expression in Mr. Li alone. The design of Falun Dafa was basically finalized in 1989 . But Mr. Li was not anxious
to make it public at once. To be on the safe side, he first let some of his disciples practise the cultivation system.
After more than two years' observation, they all had reached a very high level in their cultivation. To reach the level
of "three flowers gathering on the top of the head", practitioners in other cultivation systems need to spend a dozen
or even dozens of years' painstaking practice, but some people managed to reach such a state in two years by
practising Falun Dafa. This shows that cultivation energy goes up very fast in the cultivation of it.
       In May, 1992, Mr. Li came into public with a special mission. On the basis of a careful investigation, the
leaders of the China Institute of Qigong Science Research fully confirmed the principles, exercise and effectiveness
of Falun Dafa and accepted it as a school directly under its leadership, giving it much specific support and help for
its popularization and impartment. So far , Mr. Li has been invited to scores of Law preaching and exercise
teaching sessions in different parts of China. The number of students has reached more than 100000. Wherever he
goes , he is warmly welcomed and fully supported by the learners. Practice has proved that, with its mystical
effectiveness, Falun Dafa has brought inestimable influence. It was acclaimed as a Great Law of the highest virtues
by the intelligent beings, Buddhas, Tao, deities, etc.. To carry out his mission truly, Mr. Li toured almost the entire
country tirelessly. All those who have learned Falun Dafa can understand and realize that it has proved itself to be
called the great cultivation Law, putting practitioners on a high level at the very beginning of practice and selflessly
giving the learners a lot by providing them with many genuine cultivation treasures, which are quite impossible to be
found in any other schools.
       Falun Dafa is unselfish, which can first be seen from the fact that the charges for attending each session are
very low. Wherever he holds the session, Mr. Li insists upon the lowest charge. Some qigong classes run by some
cultivation schools were investigated and rectified by the authorities concerned because they overcharged their
students. On the contrary, the impartment session of Falun Dafa always charged such low fees that there had to be
a repeated consultation with the authorities concerned. It won't do to charge no fee at all. Money is needed to rent
the lecture hall and pay the service charge to the organizations. After meeting all kinds of expenditure, such as
expenses for traffic, board and lodging, there is little money left. What is left of the money is all spent on the
construction project of Falun Dafa. Mr. Li often says, "Since we offer salvation to all sentient beings, we should
not add to the burden of the learners." Falun Dafa is not short of ways to make money. Some people came to see
Mr. Li and promised to offer tremendous rewards in order to monopolize the popularization of Falun Dafa. Some
people even invited him to go abroad to make big money. Mr. Li turned down all these offers. He reiterated his
aim: serve the people. He will never resort to underhanded methods.
       Falun Dafa is to give, not to take, and it has supernatural powers. In a Law preaching session, Mr. Li first
purifies the students' bodies to prepare them for the cultivation of the Great Law. As for those students who suffer
from diseases, he helps them remove the root of their disease and then unblock their main and collateral channels.
These being done, he goes on to plant Falun in the lower abdomen of every student. This Falun is used to help the
student with the practice. It keeps rotating for 24 hours, achieving the purpose of the "Law Refining the
Practitioner" and enabling contemporary people to extricate themselves from the trouble of being difficult to find
much time to practise. Besides, Mr. Li also plants Falun into other parts of the students' bodies to cure their
diseases or help them practise. These Falun never stop rotating. They adjust the practitioners' bodies
automatically. In order to help the students grasp the essentials of the exercise, he also plants Qiji ( the energy
mechanism) around the students' bodies. Like Falun, it circulates incessantly, guiding the students to the correct
movements and enabling the energy in their channels to circulate along the Heavenly Circuit.
       Falun Dafa is safe to practise, and the practitioner will never go deviant. Mr. Li has repeatedly emphasized
that the cultivation of the Great Law should be absolutely safe. All the factors which may lead to deviation, such as
the use of Yinian ( the intention) when practising and the spontaneous self-generating movements in exercise,
are excluded from Falun Dafa. What's more, every student has Mr. Li's Law bodies to protect him . He has even
cleared up the student's house and place of practice and then put "a covering of safety" over them so that the
student will not be interfered with by bad messages.
       Being enlightened, Mr. Li has a deep insight into the mysteries of the cosmos, which enables him to dispel the
miasma in which the present-day world of qigong is shrouded. He is magnanimous, amiable and easy of approach.
Whoever is lucky enough to meet with him is deeply impressed by his simple life style, unadorned speech and
unselfish service for the well-being of mankind. For the cause of Falun Dafa, he gave up his job and left his family
behind. To preach the Law to people, he works excessively and knows no Sundays and holidays, often having no
time to eat or rest. His only aspiration is to make more people healthy and happy.
       Falun Dafa founded by Mr. Li Hongzhi is like a red sun rising from the east, whose radiance with unlimited
vitality will illuminate every corner of the earth, nourish all the living things, warm the whole world and play an
unparalleled role in the realization of an ideal and perfect human society on this planet.
       In December, 1992, six months after Mr. Li came into public, in order to help and support the country's
large-scale qigong activities, Mr. Li headed his disciples to participate in the '92 Oriental Health Expo held in
Beijing at the invitation of the Fair. At the Fair, the name of Mr. Li Hongzhi and Falun Dafa he had created caused
a great sensation throughout the capital city all at once. Mr. Li Rusong, chief director of the Health Fair, and
professor Jiang Xueguei, general adviser of the Fair, both spoke highly of Mr. Li's superb energy potency and
Falun Dafa's magic effectiveness. Mr. Li Rusong said, "The first commendatory letter the Fair has received is in
praise of Falun Dafa. The qigong school which has received the most commendatory letters at the Fair is also
Falun Dafa." Prof. Jiang said, "I saw with my own eyes that Master Li Hongzhi has worked many miracles for this
session of the Health Fair. Falun Dafa has proved itself to be the star cultivation system of the Fair. As the general
adviser of the Fair, I am in duty bound to recommend Falun Dafa to you all".
       At the '93 Oriental Health Expo, Mr. Li Hongzhi was appointed as a committee member of the Fair's
Organizing Committee and Falun Dafa became a cultivation system on special invitation. The qigong lectures Mr.
Li delivered at the Fair were filled with so many fresh and original ideas that they fascinated qigong lovers. The
Health Fair had originally arranged for each influential qigong master to give one lecture. However, only one
lecture by Mr. Li could not meet the demands of the audience and therefore the Organizing Committee of the Fair
decided to ask Mr. Li to give an extra lecture, which still failed to satisfy the appeal of the audience. Consequently
a third lecture was given again on the closing day of the Fair. All the three lectures were filled to such capacity that
there were not enough chairs for the audience and some of them were sitting on the floor and still some standing
until the two-hour-lecture was over. Mr. Li donated all the money from the second lecture to The Public Security
Volunteers Foundation of China.
       In recognition of the outstanding contribution Mr. Li Hongzhi and his Falun Dafa had made at the Fair, the
Organizing Committee and the Expert Committee of the Fair made a joint decision: to confer on Mr. Li Hongzhi
the Award for Achievement in Borderline Science, the sole supreme award of the Fair. The fair also conferred on
him the Special Gold Award and the title of "A Popular Qigong Master" as an encouragement. Mr. Li was the
only one qigong master who received so many awards at this session of the Health Fair.
       At present, Mr. Li is heading his disciples to preach the Law and teach the cultivation exercise in big and
medium-sized cities throughout the country.
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