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Jerque du Jour (5-30-96)

Jerque of the day

The Jerque du Jour for today is me. Why? Because this will probably be the last update. Let me explain... that crappy commute I had over the hill into the valley? Gone. I'm now working in Scotts Valley, my commute is down a little country lane and I only have five stop signs to deal with. Start to finish it takes about 8-9 minutes. Not much to complain about. Plus, I ride a motorcycle now and I'm pretty sure that I couldn't handle the camera and the bike at the same time.

It's been a crazy 7 months and I had a lot of fun doing this, I'm glad so many of you have enjoyed the page. I've had a blast reading all of the email that you've sent and I wish I could have answered every single one of them.

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