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E-book Production

The introduction of a new breed of paperless, hand-held publishing devices—like the SoftBook Reader from SoftBook Press of Menlo Park, California—has opened up a new area of opportunity for Lowe-Martin in the conversion of printed books and periodicals to this new medium.

 SoftBook Reader

E-books closely emulate the traditional reading experience by showing a full-page, with fully formatted text and graphics. Furthermore, they enhance the reading experience with features such as search, annotations, and hyperlinks. Unlike a computer,
e-books do not use page scrolling which disrupts the reading experience. Instead they use a page-turning system, similar to turning the pages of a real book.

Using an arsenal of conversion tools, and our previous expertise in hard-copy page layout and production, Lowe-Martin has created a rigorous production process that ensures an effective reading experience for e-book users. This includes strict conformance to e-book formatting standards and the new Open E-book (OEB) specification, endorsed by SoftBook and other e-book developers, as well as industry giants like Microsoft Corporation.

Since our start in this area— in the fall of 1998— Lowe-Martin has steadily built up its e-book expertise. This capability was formally recognized in the summer of 1999 when we received a full ISO 9001 audit and certification for our e-book production facility, possibly positioning us as the first ISO 9001 certified facility for e-book production in the world.

As the e-book technology takes hold over the next decade, we expect to see a growing demand for production capabilities. Lowe-Martin is well positioned to satisfy this demand and to play its part in promoting acceptance of the new medium by providing a high quality conversion process.

For more information about Lowe-Martin's e-book conversion and production capabilities please contact Mark Farey, Manager of
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