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February Sweeps Report

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.....This sweeps month was, in a word, bad. Never has Voyager's season looked so bleak in only February and never have prospects for the end of the season been this bad.


-This was a pretty dismal month with only one exception -- the stuntcasted "Tsunkatse." 'The Rock' helped Voyager to pull in its highest rating of the season to-date, a 4.1, which was good enough to outperform last year's February opener, "Bliss." Every other episode this month was easily defeated by its season five counterpart. Overall, this month fell from November while remaining above Voyager's worst sweeps performance last May.

-As has usually been the case during February, one episode was sacrificed to the Grammys -- this year it was "Spirit Folk," which tallied a 3.2. "The Disease" performed slightly better against the music awards show last year with a 3.4. "Spirit Folk"'s lower mark could be attributed to some preemptions in larger markets in addition to the competition.

-This is a fairly poor sweeps showing for Voyager, the second worst of the series' entire run. While preemptions in larger markets like Boston and Detroit definately negatively impact the ratings on some level, they cannot fully explain the lower ratings. Competition this season has drained viewers from the series a bit faster than it has in previous seasons, creating a dark picture of the coming few months.

-In the timeslot, Voyager has maintained a very solid 5th place position despite its slips this month. "Roswell" has failed to find any traction in the slot and never poses any threat to Voyager's supremacy among the netlets at 9 p.m. Fox pulled "Get Real" for the duration of sweeps again, allowing the network to easily secure the 4th place spot. "Get Real" seems like it will be around for a while longer in its current position while the WB is moving "Roswell" to Mondays, bringing in another show to oppose Voyager and the rest of the timeslot competition.

-In sweeps-to-sweeps competition, Voyager took a rather large dive from last season, dropping almost 10 percent from last season and opening an even larger gap between this year and season four. This is one of Voyager's larger February to February dips.

-The year-to-year comparisons for Voyager:

Season 6 Episode   AA    Comparison    AA   Season 5 Episode
----------------   --    ----------    --   ----------------
Tsunkatse         4.1    Up .2 (4%)    3.9  Bliss
Collective        3.5    Dn 1.2 (26%)  4.7  Dark Frontier
Spirit Folk       3.2    Dn .2 (6%)    3.4  The Disease
Ashes to Ashes    3.4    Dn .3 (5%)    3.7  Course: Oblivion

Season 4 Year-to-Date Average: 3.87
Season 5 Year-to-Date Average: 3.64 Dn .23 (6%)

Season 4 February Sweeps Average: 3.93
Season 5 February Sweeps Average: 3.55 Dn .38 (9%)

-Voyager's average share is down by a little over a full poing from last year.

-Only a small handful of new episodes air during March and April, with most weeks occupied with reruns.

-The next report will be out sometime in the first few days of May.

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