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  General Starfleet Command Forum
If you REALLY want to distract the developers from what you'd REALLY rather they were doing, well, you've come to the right place. Kick your shoes off, have a cuppa, and remember to play nice.
27651 10-27-2000 07:44 AM Jinxx
  Starfleet Command Fan Fiction
This forum's a home for the SFC fan fiction community (SFC FFC?) that's filled byte after byte after byte at the Interplay forums, and now here.
667 10-27-2000 07:47 AM Jinxx
Private Forums
  Official Beta Announcements from Taldren
Official Beta Testing Announcements. Testers should read these before posting bug reports to avoid redundancy and redundancy.
10 10-23-2000 07:36 AM Jinxx
  Bug Reports
In this Forum you may NOT create topics, but you can post reports within the appropriate topic. This is the place to post bug reports which we will certainly see.
428 10-26-2000 07:00 AM Jinxx
  The Middle Circle - Beta Testers Discussion
This is where testers can compare notes and discuss beta issues amongst themselves.
552 10-26-2000 09:05 PM Jinxx
  The Inner Circle
A private forum for beta testing news, design notes, reports, and other information.
4168 10-25-2000 07:49 AM Jinxx
  Development Forum
Private development forum for contract scripters.
456 09-12-2000 10:00 PM David Ferrell, dsuleski, Scott Bruno
  The Outer Circle - Beta Testers for the Semi Open Beta
This is where the testers in the open beta can exchange views and get news. I don't know if anyone's noticed, but we've run out of Circles at this point.
1148 10-27-2000 07:17 AM Jinxx

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