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Napster  popular pick 2,180,687 downloads

Napster is a search engine that allows you to find and download MP3 audio files. It eliminates the problems of conventional FTP transfers by using cutting-edge technology to ensure the completion of each MP3 download. When searching online for songs, you can specify the minimum server ping (response) times as well as MP3 bit rates and frequency.

Napster essentially provides a virtual community of MP3 fans, in that each Napster user "shares" his or her MP3 collection with everyone else running Napster, ensuring a vast collection of MP3s for download. All results are verified to allow you to find the fastest server, and all searches are in real time, so the list of available songs you receive is consistently reliable. The program also features Automatic Hash Resuming, which lets Napster find the next-fastest server that has the same song and automatically complete the download if you should lose your connection. The easy-to-use Napster interface features its own chat system that allows users to chat with each other in a number of different forums based on music genre. Also included with Napster is an internal MP3 player, although you can choose to specify an external MP3 player. Its hot list feature helps you keep track of your favorite MP3 libraries by notifying you when they are online and accessible.

Version 2.0 beta 7 features a New Artist Program that helps you find up-and-coming bands by typing a band name in the search box, or allows you to browse a list of musical genres for the music you want.

To learn how to use Napster more effectively, see this tutorial.

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94%   6%   (15302 votes)
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"kills bandwidth"
It kills your computers bandwidth. You get people with 28k modems leecing off of you, trying to download at .05k. It has slowed the whole internet down, and should be stopped. There are many more efficent and faster ways to get mp3's with more of a selection selection.

"The Easiest Way To Get MP3s off the Internet PERIOD"
I was using CuteFTP and FTP sites and occasionally finding a song at a website for the first couple months of my MP3 hunting career and it was very trying. But ever sice Napster was created I can get any song I want any time. This is a must for anyone who likes music or mp3s!

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 Quick Facts
Company: napster Inc.
Version: 2.0 beta 7
Date added: July 17, 2000
File size: 1.6MB
Approx. download time: 7 min. at 28.8 kbps; Clock Your Download 
Downloads: 2,180,687
License: Free
Minimum requirements: Windows 95/98/NT 4.0
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94%   6%   (15302 votes)
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