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Big Choices on Health Care
Great Lakes Prosperity Tour
Voters Face Big Choices On November 7th
Al Gore Will Make the Responsible Choices
to Extend Prosperity for All

On the Campaign Trail in Mich., Wis. - October 29 - Talking about the big choices voters face on November 7th, Al and Tipper Gore, along with Joe and Hadassah Lieberman, are touring Michigan and Wisconsin by bus today and tomorrow. Al Gore will make the right choices to extend prosperity for all. Through the final weeks of the campaign, Gore has delivered a series of major speeches to discuss the role of government, education, the new economy and health care. Next week, Gore will discuss big choices on energy security and the environment as well as family tax cuts.

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Audio from Macomb County, Mich. is available at algore.com. Follow the links below to listen.

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Voters Face Big Choices on Health Care
Al Gore Supports Health Care That Reflects Our Values, Promotes Choice
Wilkes Barre, Pa. - October 28 - In a speech here today at Wilkes University, Al Gore focused on the big choices voters face on health care and promoted his plans to make sure the nation's health care system provides choice for all families and reflects our country's values. Gore also took aim at George W. Bush's allies in the GOP-led Congress for supporting a spending bill that would give more than $30 billion and new breaks to health maintenance organizations (HMOs) that participate in Medicare -- without any assurances that the HMOs will continue to serve Medicare beneficiaries. more

Newspapers Endorse Al Gore
Cite "Gravitas," Responsible Policies, Experience
Nashville - October 26 - Nashville - Newspapers across the country have begun to endorse Al Gore for president. The Atlanta Constitution's endorsement cited Gore's "gravitas" and his performance in the three presidential debates. In West Virginia, The Charleston Gazette discussed Gore's experience and his "deep familiarity...with topics a leader must know." more

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Prosperity for America's Families
Medicare at a Crossroads

Al Gore's and Joe Lieberman's plan setting new economic goals for the nation is available right here at algore.com. The 191-page Gore-Lieberman economic plan, Prosperity for America's Families, includes specific economic goals for the future, as well as policies designed to reach those goals and detailed budget outlines. Medicare at a Crossroads is Al Gore's detailed plan for a real prescription drug benefit for America's seniors.

download "Prosperity for America's Families" - Adobe pdf - 835k
download "Medicare at a Crossroads" - Adobe pdf - 279k

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   East Lansing, MI 10/29
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   East Lansing, MI 10/29
Macomb Co., MI 10/29
Munhall, PA 10/27
Charleston, WV 10/27
Madison, WI 10/26
Davenport, Iowa 10/26
Kansas City, MO 10/25
Everett, WA 10/23

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