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Eagle Principle

In bitmapped graphics, every pixel on the screen is surrounded by 8 other pixels (except for corner or side pixels).

Each pixel is surrounded by 8 other pixels
A center red pixel surrounded by (clockwise, start at the left top) two yellow, a blue, a red, a blue, two green, and a yellow pixel.

When the resolution is doubled each original pixel, consists of 4 pixels.

Double the resolution and each original pixel consists of 4 pixels
The original red center pixel is now surrounded by 12 pixels. Each corner of the pixel has 3 adjacent pixels.

principle3.gif - 1649 Bytes
Each corner pixel 1,2,3 and 4 has got 3 adjacent pixels.

Pixel 1 Pixel 2 Pixel 3 Pixel 4
Pixel 1 - Adjacent Pixels Pixel 2 - Adjacent Pixels Pixel 3 - Adjacent Pixels Pixel 4 - Adjacent Pixels

Eagle Principle
Set each pixel color to the color of its 3 adjacent pixels when these adjacent pixels are the same color.

Only pixel 1 has 3 adjacent pixels which have the same color (yellow) and thus meets this condition. Applying this principle to pixel 1:

For none of the other 3 pixels (pixel 2,3 and 4) this condition is met. The color of these pixels is not changed.

This is the final result for the red center pixel :
final result for center red pixel

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