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Disney Moving Coaster? 5/2/2000, 10:10:45 PM (ET) Add this rumor to your Personal Buzz

I reported a while back that Disney was planning on putting a new coaster in the Magic Kingdom between the Pirates of the Carribbean and the Jungle Cruise. Well my friends, it seems that officials are running around saying that the park is doing well enough as is and that the coaster will be most likely placed in Animal Kingdom. The park is doing well by the rumors, but not at all what Disney Official expected. So what better way to bring people in than to put another thrill ride in the park? With "Dinosaur" in the park as the only "thrill ride" I take it that they want just more than moms and dads with lots of kids looking at animals. Hmmm... This park sounds a lot like this one park just to the West of here... Hmmm... Could it be something along the lines of say Busch Gardens Tampa? We shall see!

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Disney Moving Coaster?
Jacob (Info) (Edit) 5/2/2000, 11:18:12 PM
That's true. There is already some track located at the park, still unassembled. Rumors have it as a Vekoma laydown prototype, however viable those may be.
Dustijn Hollon (Info) (Edit) 5/3/2000, 12:30:48 PM
Like I said before I was edited. The track is for the Excavator a coaster that has been confirmed forever to go at AK. If you want to see construction look just beyond Chester & Hester's in Dinotown USA.

Why the heck my post was edited I have no idea!
I just told it how it was, not like I swore or anything. Sheesh! *** This post was edited by Dustijn Hollon on 5/3/2000. ***
Coaster Babe (Info) (Edit) 5/3/2000, 1:34:01 PM
I think Disney realizes its compition now that Sea World is buiding a new coaster! And if it wasn't for Islands Of Adventures, they wouldn't even have Kraken-not yet anyway. I hope the coaster at Disney isn't a kiddie one. Those suck because the ride only lasts for seconds. BLA!
Jerichoholic (Info) (Edit) 5/4/2000, 4:54:50 PM
coasterbabe is right, as always. she is also sexy so i give her points for that too.
Coaster Babe (Info) (Edit) 5/9/2000, 10:39:43 AM
yup yup You know it too! LOL.

~Coaster Babe~
Jerichoholic (Info) (Edit) 5/9/2000, 5:41:45 PM

much love to ya, coaster babe
Sexy Bitch #4
Coaster Babe (Info) (Edit) 5/9/2000, 6:14:48 PM
Much love to you too.

~Coaster Babe~
LIL "D" (Info) (Edit) 5/15/2000, 4:49:58 PM
Alright, alright, enough of that junk. The day that disney makes a hardcore rollercoaster is the day I turn 30. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!
Coaster Babe (Info) (Edit) 5/16/2000, 12:35:46 AM
That is true though. But you never know these days. Thats what I thought about Sea World and look what they came up with? A beautiful rollercoaster that will kick so much a.s.s once it opens! I'll be first in line! So you never know.

~Coaster Babe~
LIL "D" (Info) (Edit) 5/18/2000, 5:55:30 PM
Yeah that is right. My cousin and I were just talking about sea world and how Sea World in Orlando is getting the dumb rides besides Journey to Atlantis. The one in Texas has an inverted and a hypercoaster. Kraken looks lovely but Im tired of green coasters. Where's the orange and the red and the yellow and black?
Jim (Info) (Edit) 5/23/2000, 5:52:31 PM
Kraken is lovely and it's in line with the Marine theme. Get it? Sea Monster....Sea colors?
Awesome ride. Disney will have a lot of catching up to do with I.O.A., BGT, and SeaWorld. I'll probably be retired before we see something exciting from Eisner. Oh, I'm in my early 30's.... ;-)
gwazi (Info) (Edit) 5/23/2000, 5:57:07 PM
I'm not certain how the color of the coaster affects the ride. I feel each coaster in FL is themed to the attraction. Hulk - green because of "The Incredible Hulk." Actually, both Kumba and Kraken are teal, not green. Anyhow, I don't care what color the coaster is as long as it gives me an exciting ride, with both speed and multiple inversions. That is my take on that situation.
Jerichoholic (Info) (Edit) 5/23/2000, 6:29:52 PM
I don't think color matters, but coaster babe tells me that it does. If Hulk wasn't green she said it wouldn't be as great. She is so cute.

Sexy Bitch #4

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