2001 X-Star

Thick for kickin’ it, hard for rippin’ it, and a mile high for flyin’ it: The X-Star’s got what it takes for today’s riders to go higher, longer, further and with more style than a Parks Bonifay 1080.

Go ahead. Ask the riders – not just the ones who ride for MasterCraft. Ask the pros on the circuit, the groms at the regional tournaments, the little guys on 124cms throwing sick scarecrows on the neighborhood lake. They’ll tell you there’s no better launch ramp than what the X-Star leaves behind – a smooth transition to a phat wake with a crisp lip and feather-soft out into the flats.

pic_tower.gif - 21194 Bytes So what’s new? How about a phatter version of our KGB (Keeline Gravity Ballast) system that custom loads your boat to increase wake size right where it’s needed? We’ve added two rear automatic fill tanks (one on either side of the engine) to last year’s 400-pound center weighting system, tabbing it the Triple KGB system. Plus, we’ve created a radical new ZeroFlex Flyer tower design that allows for rock-solid pulls into the wake and out through the flats – and flips down inside the boat easily, quickly and without having to force it under your garage door.

The rear seat back is now ergonomically contoured, and we’ve tripled the accessibility of rear storage by incorporating a three-piece rear hatch/sundeck. But not everything is rider-oriented: the MasterView driver’s seat raises the driver 6 inches higher than normal, allowing for clear views ahead, even when under a stern-heavy load.

New accessories like polished aluminum board racks, a five-light rack and amp-coupled tower speakers highlight a list of desirable options.

We kept the good stuff, too. Riders can continue to kick it with 120 watts of wake-rattling Clarion stereo power (with options for more), and it’s still the boat of choice for ESPN’s X Games, the U.S. Pro Wakeboard Tour, Vans Triple Crown of Wakeboarding and Jose Cuervo European Wakeboard Championships.

Yeah, there’s a lot of great new stuff on the 2001 MasterCraft X-Star. But we had it right from the beginning. We had the wake.

And after all, isn’t that what it’s really all about?