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The Emperor's New Clothes
Now,even the federal goverment claims Napster is up to no good. Here's why.

Legal Stuff
In the end, the fate of Napster will not be decided on the basis of surveys, justifications or websites -- it will be decided by the courts and the law.

Mailbag and E-mail Hall of Fame
Check out some of the feedback we've received; we put our favorites in the Hall of Fame.

Back Talk
We've received various and sundry arguments, justifications, and rants from the pro-Napster faction -- here are our responses.

Trojan Horse MP3s and Bombs Away
The perfect anti-counterfeit tool, these 21st century electronic counter measures will undermine Napster's existence.

Congressional Action
Musicians and songwriters need the help of Congress to keep Napster and its adherents from robbing them blind.

Unsafe Sex
When you log onto Napster, more than your fly is open.

Hypocrisy 101
Our Star Spangled Speech exposing the hypocrisy inherent in Napster's service and its obvious violation of our constitutional rights.

Artist of the Year and Executive of the Year
Lars Ulrich of Metallica, for personally kicking more than 300,000 people off Napster and Michael Robertson of, for supporting a preliminary injunction that could shut Napster down and for providing financial aid to struggling artists.

Spy Vs. Spy
A report on two new software packages; one finds song thieves the other puts copyright protections back into MP3 files.

Too Legit to Quit?
Going cold turkey is easy. Here's our guide to some legal online music sites.