Why is KOYAANISQATSI not available on video and DVD? Because the rights are clouded by contracts that have passed through several multinational entertainment companies.

Over the years we have tried to reach a fair compromise with these various companies that would bring KOYAANISQATSI back to its audience; but regretfully, that road has been exhausted. IRE has now taken steps to enforce our legal and contractual rights by commencing litigation in Federal Court.

But litigation is expensive, so we appeal to you for financial assistance. Any size contribution will help in this legal fight and to support our other activities, including production of NAQOYQATSI.

As an expression of thanks to our devoted friends and fans, IRE has authored a special Director's Premium Edition of the digitally remastered KOYAANISQATSI on DVD which includes the digitally re-mixed Philip Glass soundtrack. This is not a commercial release - rather a private issue premium - with each DVD sleeve personally signed by Director Godfrey Reggio.

These KOYAANISQATSI DVDs are available on request for contributors of $180.00USD or more.

The Institute for Regional Education is a nonprofit corporation, founded in April, 1973, determined to be a tax exempt organization pursuant to Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3), recognized as a public charity under IRC Section 509(a)(1) contributions to which are deductible as allowed under IRC Section 170. All contributions will be appropriately acknowledged. Please note that the estimated fair market value of this Premium DVD has been determined to be $25.00USD, thus the amount of any contribution for U.S. Federal income tax purposes must be reduced by this amount, if a premium is requested.

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