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Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows Me

Why move to Windows Me? Because of the new things it lets you do. We've boiled down all the cool features into the top ten things you now can do with Windows Me.

Import and edit your home movies
Put yourself in the director's chair. Import and edit video from your analog or digital camcorder. Then splice scenes easily or add graphics, narration, and musical scores. When you're done, Windows Movie Maker helps you share your creation with friends and family via e-mail or on a Web site.

Move your photo collection from a shoebox to the Web
Working with photos in Windows Me is a snap. As soon as you connect your digital camera to your computer, Windows Me displays a helpful wizard that makes it easy to import and store your digital images. Then use the new "My Pictures" folder to browse thumbnails of your photos, enlarge them to show more detail, or even arrange the images in a slide show. Whatever you eventually create, you can share in e-mail or on the Web.

Archive and index your favorite music
Windows Me offers the first fully integrated digital media experience, giving you the power to create and index a library of CD-quality audio files that you can store on your computer. Windows Media™ Player also makes it easy for you to watch and listen to streaming multimedia content, including a vast catalog of Internet radio stations. You can customize your listening experience by choosing visualizations that move in rhythm with the music, or by changing the player's appearance by assigning it a new "skin."

Protect your critical files
Windows Me won’t allow your critical system files to be deleted or altered, either by accident or by a malicious virus or rogue application.

Revert your computer back to normal
If anything ever goes wrong on your computer, System Restore can roll your system back to the state it was in when all was well. Whew!

Find the answers you need
The improved Help and Support area in Windows Me integrates help for your computer, operating system, and software programs into one location. Get the help you need faster, with better, easier-to-read troubleshooting menus.

Use your computer to program your VCR and thermostat
Windows Me provides new support for existing and upcoming Universal Plug and Play devices. In the future, you'll be able to drag and drop a TV listing from an Internet site into your VCR or DVD player, or control home temperature settings from your computer.

Link your household’s computers
Hooking up all the computers in your household is a breeze with Windows Me. It automatically detects and shares available resources, such as printers and folders, on your home network.

Contact friends and co-workers more efficiently than ever
Outlook Express, MSN® Messenger Service, and NetMeeting work together to make communicating easier and more efficient. Log on to the Web from virtually anywhere in the world and check e-mail, chat with friends, or conduct a live meeting with colleagues.

Take gaming to the next level
Increased network support in Windows Me lets you go toe-to-toe with your housemates over a home network, or challenge an anonymous competitor over the Internet.

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