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Welcome to The Exterminators. New site is powered by ZyTech's graphics, Strega's and Bitwar's hosting. Pay a visit to his gallery here. If you find a "bug" in the new page please let me know.

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All the files distributed here are made by The Exterminators members and they are NOT allowed to be redistributed by other third party groups (Our release name is LaTeX). Any group that is found to re-pack and release our serials without our permission, (either a serial only release or one grabbed from our keygens), patches or keygens will be exposed to public.

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Request e-mail :tex2k@gmx.net

IRC channel : #tex2k (EFNet)

If you are a shareware author and have problem with this page, MAIL ME FIRST, if this is not enough for you MAIL THE WHOLE TEAM, don't bug my friends or other people though I am aware of what you are doing against them. Now you can ENTER THE PAGE.


Last updated on 11.09.2000

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