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High Availability
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IBM NUMA-Q's open enterprise operating system, DYNIX/ptx, is a key technology enabling data-center-class computing across the enterprise. Based on Unix standards and designed for a NUMA (non-uniform memory access) architecture, it offers several key functions that support reliability, high availability, and data center manageability, in addition to high performance.

DYNIX/ptx has an exclusive, mainframe-class multipath I/O subsystem that delivers high availability and supports our storage area network capabilities. Software partitioning capabilities enable workload management and server consolidation, allowing IT organizations to meet enterprise-wide service level agreements.

Today, however, an operating system must do more than offer high end functionality; it must support the large numbers of applications that new business computing initiatives require. In 1998 Sequent (now merged with IBM) joined IBM and Intel in Project Monterey to develop an industry standard, high volume, enterprise Unix. As a member of the Project Monterey product line, NUMA-Q's high-end operating system, DYNIX/ptx, is being enhanced to provide increased commonality of technologies with AIX and Project Monterey for IA-64 and a common application development environment. Project Monterey will be available on NUMA-Q systems at the launch of Intel's first IA-64 microprocessor—Merced—in 2000. As Unix celebrates its 30th birthday, Project Monterey is reducing Unix fragmentation and enjoying great momentum and industry support.

To find out more about how NUMA-Q's DYNIX/ptx operating environment can enable your new data center, contact your account manager or a NUMA-Q representative.

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