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"It's like switching your point of view.
Things sometimes look complicated from
one angle, but simple from another."

- Achilles to the Tortoise, Gödel, Escher, Bach

Latest News

November 1, 2000

The Adam & Eve puzzle solution has been posted as has a new real-life puzzle. You can find them both in the Puzzles section.

As I noted earlier, there will now be a brief suspension in puzzle updates as I prepare Puzzle #100 and make further progress on a Grey Labyrinth infrastructure project. I apologize in advance for the delay and inconvenience. As always, there is a plethora of puzzles in the Archives and posted by our visitors in the Discussion Forums to hold you over.

Until next update,

Kevin Lin
Resident Minotaur

Older News

October 7, 2000

I've posted the solution to The Jumpers problem, which contrary to what everyone says in the forum, is applicable to real world situations.

And of course, there's a new puzzle in the Puzzles section. This one deals with a new theory of relativity. No, the other relativity.

Finally, I'd like to give warning that the puzzle updates will be suspended temporarily just prior to the posting of our 100th puzzle (we're up to 98!)


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