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By Bill Johnson
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At Thunder, Vince Russo claimed he was indeed the WCW Champion. But in Nitro's first hour, Russo gave up the belt, saying the title would be determined in a Jeff Jarrett against Scott Steiner match. After The Cat booked Sting vs. Booker T. for the same prize, Above Average Mike Sanders came up with a solution -- which ultimately led to one of the wildest matches in Nitro history.

In the parking garage, Bill Goldberg arrived at the arena on his motorcycle.

Duck On A Ladder Match
Konnan and Rey Mysterio, Jr. with Tygress d. Boogie Knights
Konnan told DISQO, if he wanted to see his duck alive again, he would have to get it from the top of the ladder. DISQO arrived with Alex Wright as Boogie Knights, starting the opening contest against Rey Mysterio, Jr. and Konnan. Rey jumped off the top rope, pushing the ladder onto DISQO and crushing him to the mat. Holding a chair under his legs, Mysterio again came off the top with a legdrop; he landed on the Knights, as they were sandwiched inside the ladder. DISQO somehow came back and gave Konnan the Last Dance before heading to the top of the ladder. Rey followed him up and jumped over the top, bringing DISQO down to the mat with an incredible sunset flip. Konnan finally made it to the top and grabbed the duck to win the bout. After the bell, The Boogie Knights attacked The Animals with the duck.

Real Player watch out daffey!

Outside, David Flair arrived at the arena with a hooded man, claiming he would "tell the world" later in the night.

Interview: Vince Russo with Jeremy Borash
Russo relinquished the WCW Title, saying The Chosen One Jeff Jarrett would face Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner to determine the new champion. Vinnie Ru said Bill Goldberg was lucky formal charges weren't brought against him for his attack last week at Nitro. Goldberg entered the ring as Russo and Borash, visible on the Nitro Vision, sat backstage. Vince said he was coming to the ring to tell the former Atlanta Falcon what was in store for him. Borash chauffeured Russo in a glass-enclosed truck; the announcers said it looked like the Pope had arrived. Russo's plan was to have Goldberg re-start his winning streak. If he lost one match along the way, Goldberg would be out of WCW. If he exceeded his old winning streak of 176-0, then -- and only then -- would he get a shot at the WCW World Title. Bill kicked in the driver's side door, sending Borash scurrying to the back. Goldberg was about to drive off with Russo enclosed in the back until Meng returned and attacked Goldberg with the Tongan Death Grip.

Backstage, Russo told Meng to get Goldberg and eat him alive. Vinnie Ru said he had to leave the building and put Mike Sanders in charge of the show. After Sanders left, Russo told Borash to watch every move Sanders made.

Actor Chuck Zito joined the announcers at ringside.

WCW Hardcore Title Match
Reno d. Sgt. A-WALL
Reno was on fire, attacking A-WALL as he burst into the ring. The Misfit switched things up, slamming the Natural Born Thriller with a trashcan, before destroying it with a kick when it was wrapped around Reno's head. Reno got in Zito's face at ringside, but A-WALL caught him from behind, continuing the hardcore battle. When Reno went to the top, Big Vito slammed Reno with the stickball bat, allowing A-WALL to chokeslam him through the table for the win. Sanders came out with the Thrillers and reversed the decision, giving Reno the gold.

Real Player natural born cheaters
>> Read the history of the Hardcore Title


- Pamela Paulshock announced The Cat believed Booker T. won last week's cage match. The commissioner booked a match between Booker T. and Sting for the WCW Title.

- Backstage, David slapped the hooded stranger when he tried to escape.

The Franchise Shane Douglas with Torrie Wilson d. That '70s Guy Mike Awesome
Douglas talked smack about Konnan, challenging him and Tygress to a match against The Franchise and Torrie Wilson at Halloween Havoc. Shane also challenged Mike Awesome to a match right there on Nitro. That '70s Guy came out and the bout was underway. Lex Luger was shown in the crowd as Awesome pulled a table from underneath the ring. Mike went for the Awesome Bomb, but became distracted when Wilson ripped open her top. Douglas spun Awesome around and delivered The Franchiser for the win. Tygress ran in after Torrie, but Shane grabbed her. Just before Douglas could deliver his move, Konnan ran in for the save.

Real Player that 70's guy gets franchised
>> Torrie, Tygress and others strip down to the bare essentials for The Miss Halloween Havoc contest


- Jarrett and Steiner warned Mike Sanders if he didn't set The Cat straight regarding the number one contenders match, he would have to answer to them. Big Sexy Kevin Nash arrived and talked with Sanders as Borash stood unnoticed in the background, taking notes for Russo.

- Kevin Nash told Sanders to suck it up and go talk to The Cat. Borash tried to get into the room, but was locked out.

Pamela Paulshock Interview: Meng
Meng said he had to destroy Goldberg in order to continue his WCW career.

Backstage, Mike Sanders told the Thrillers he negotiated a match that would blow the roof off the building.

Goldberg d. Meng
Meng attacked Goldberg as soon as he stepped into the ring. After an exchange between the two, Goldberg caught the Tongan monster with a spear. He followed it up with a huge Jackhammer for the easy win. Post-match, KroniK hit the ring and attacked Goldberg, driving him to the canvas with the High Time.

Real Player like meng can really put up competition


- Sanders said Jeff Jarrett would team with Booker T. against Scott Steiner and Sting, with the winning teammates facing each other for the gold.

- The hooded stranger begged David Flair for a drink of water. Flair obliged, dumping a bucket of water over his head.

In Nitro's Exciting Second Hour: The WCW Title match participants are determined, the world finds out who fathered Ms. Hancock's baby, Goldberg wrestles his second match of the night, and the main event becomes a San Francisco 49ers match! Click here for more results.

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