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Toward Tradition Supports Dr. Laura; Condemns Radical Gays' Effort to Silence Her

Procter & Gamble Wrong in Pulling Ads

MERCER ISLAND, WA (May 30) --Toward Tradition's president, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, today praised the courage and convictions of talk radio host Dr. Laura Schlesinger, and rebuked the powerful and well-funded effort to stop her planned television show. "This is only the latest example of secular liberal intolerance," Lapin said. "Dr. Laura is one of America's most forceful and persuasive advocates for traditional marriage and family. She opposes the radical project of gay activists, and the secular Left in general, to eliminate religious values from public life. That is why these intolerant extremists are determined to silence her."

Noting that a central complaint against Dr. Laura has been her characterization of homosexuality as "deviant," Lapin pointed out, "Eighteen states-and the federal government-have anti-sodomy laws on their books, and the US Supreme Court has ruled that such laws are constitutional. Are the people of Texas and Massachusetts, and the members of Congress, thereby guilty of 'hate speech?'"

Commenting on the decision of Procter & Gamble to remove their advertising from Dr. Laura's television show, Rabbi Lapin said, "While it's understandable that P&G would want to avoid controversy, their withdrawal not only sets a dangerous precedent of a major corporation bowing to undue pressure, but it is also an example of how often ideology trumps business judgment. P&G has always marketed its products to families. Very few homosexuals buy Pampers. P&G gains little in the short run by being politically correct, and stands to lose a great deal in the long run by failing to defend the core values of its own customer base."


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