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Office 2000 Developer Features Overview*
Find Out What's New

The combined features of Office 2000 Developer create an essential suite of tools for professional developers building and deploying solutions with Office 2000. Outlined below are new features as well as improved ones from Office 97 Developer Edition—all of which are aimed at enhancing developer productivity for building solutions that use Office and Office components in custom applications.


NewMicrosoft Office 2000 Premium
Receive a licensed copy of the most comprehensive edition of Office 2000, which includes the latest versions of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook®, Microsoft Publisher, Small Business Tools, Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint®, Microsoft FrontPage®, and Microsoft PhotoDraw®. (If you are already a licensed user of Office 2000, you can get all the development features below by acquiring just the Office Developer Tools. For more details, visit our Pricing and Licensing page.)

NewMicrosoft Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA) 6.0
Rapidly customize Office 2000 programs and integrate them with existing data and systems.

NewWorkflow Designer for Microsoft SQL Server™
Build Web-based solutions that automate tasks, track and modify business processes, and work seamlessly online or offline. (This feature was previously known as the Access Workflow Designer for SQL Server.)

NewSQL Server 7.0 Developer Edition
Develop and test client-server database solutions.

New COM Add-in Designer
Create standardized add-ins (DLLs) for use in any Office application.

NewMicrosoft Visual SourceSafe™ (VSS) and VSS/VBA Integration
Reconcile file changes at a glance and prevent accidental code overwriting—all from within the VBA environment.

NewCode Librarian
Reuse prewritten code for standard Office and VBA routines that is stored in this comprehensive, searchable, and centralized database.

ImprovedRoyalty-Free Access 2000 Runtime
Distribute Access 2000 solutions to users who do not have Access, including solutions that use Microsoft Jet or Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE).

NewMicrosoft Data Engine (MSDE)
Build solutions that connect Office solutions to data and that scale to SQL Server by using this SQL Server 7.0–compatible data engine. Then redistribute them royalty-free along with Access Runtime.

NewData Environment Designer
Easily create reusable data access components for integrating any data source with VBA.

NewPackage and Deployment Wizard
Add professional setup routines to Office 2000 solutions to deploy on disk, CD-ROM, or the Web.

NewVBA String Editor
Easily build strings for SQL statements or long scripts to embed in VBA code with the WYSIWYG string editor interface.

NewVBA Code Commenter
Use customizable templates to create well-commented code by automatically adding comments and headers to procedures.

NewVBA Error Handler
Automate creation of standardized error handler code using a customizable template.

NewData Report Designer
Use drag-and-drop fields from the Data Environment to build reports quickly and easily.

NewMicrosoft Replication Manager
View and manage replicated Microsoft Jet databases over a network or the Internet.

NewPrinted Developer Documentation
Learn how to develop Office solutions with printed copies of the Microsoft Office Object Model Guide and Office 2000/Visual Basic Programmer's Guide.

NewData-Bound Microsoft ActiveX® Controls
Create intuitive interfaces with the Enhanced FlexGrid and Data Repeater controls to display hierarchical data clearly and build an easily scrollable set of records.

NewMulticode Import/Export
Transfer multiple code modules in and out of a project in a single operation.

NewMicrosoft Agent Software Development Kit (SDK)
Make your applications easier to learn and use with the Microsoft Agent programming interfaces. You can even create your own custom Office Assistants with the Agent Character Editor included in the SDK.

NewHTML Help Workshop
Access a complete authoring environment for HTML Help, including a screen capture utility.



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