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A group of women are a study in expressions at the ANZAC buffet in Hyde Park ...   [c. 1918]

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Australian War Memorial
Photograph Collection

The Australian War Memorial's collections reflect Australia's contribution to armed conflicts all over world: colonial wars in New Zealand and the Sudan, the Boer War, the suppression of the Boxer uprising in China, the First and Second World Wars, the Korean War, the Malayan Emergency, Indonesian Confrontation, Vietnam, the Gulf War, and peacekeeping operations including East Timor.

Almost one million images are held in the Photograph Collection, and 200,000 are available online. Many of the photographs were taken by more than 200 official war and service photographers. A few of these, like Frank Hurley, Hubert Wilkins and Damien Parer, became household names. Some, including Parer, George Dick and Tom Fisher, were killed carrying out their work. Many other photographs have been donated by servicemen and servicewomen or by their families.

Included in the collection are images of the following subjects:

  • individual and group portraits of military and support personnel
  • battle scenes and battlefields
  • military technology such as planes, ships and tanks
  • military installations, hospitals, cemeteries, churches, points of embarkation
  • Allied and enemy soldiers and local civilians
  • scenes of the Australian homefront

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Closing the arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, 1932 Go to the National Archives of Australia homepage

National Archives of Australia

The National Archives of Australia has a vast number of photographs created in the process of government, some of which predate Federation. One of the most significant and wide ranging collections consists of photographs produced by the Australian Overseas Information Service which was involved in the promotion of the Australian lifestyle and Australian events overseas, particularly to intending migrants. The photographs in the collection portray everyday Australian life and include subjects such as people, places, events, festivals, fauna, flora, health, agriculture and industry.

The National Archives PhotoSearch database contains information on 125,000 images, mainly from the Australian Overseas Information Service collection. Over 7,000 of the images listed are available for viewing through PhotoSearch and PictureAustralia. The National Archives is progressively adding images to PhotoSearch.

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Self portrait with still life [1995] Go to the National Library of Australia homepage

National Library of Australia

The National Library Pictorial Collection contains art works and photographs that document Australian history and society, including portraits of Australians of national significance. Art works and photographs relating to Papua New Guinea, Antarctica and the Pacific are also held. Of the total Pictorial Collection of over 600,000 items, 26,000 have been digitised. Direct access to digitised items from the National Library's Pictorial Collection is available through Images1.

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Start of the Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race, 1971 Go to the State Library of New South Wales homepage

State Library of NSW

The State Library of New South Wales' historical and documentary pictorial collections held in the Mitchell and Dixson Libraries include 1.1 million paintings, drawings, photographs, realia, posters and architectural plans. These unrivalled collections depict life and scenes in NSW from the earliest days of colonisation to the present. PictureAustralia provides access to 270,000 digitised images from eight significant photographic collections. Images from other parts of the collections will be progressively added. Access to records for other pictorial collections and manuscript material processed since 1992 is provided through PICMAN, the Library's on-line original materials catalogue.

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John Glover, artist  [c. 1832] Go to the State Library of Tasmania homepage

State Library of Tasmania
Heritage Collections

The State Library of Tasmania's heritage resources are held in four Heritage Collections:

  • The Tasmaniana Library holds mainly published material (books and pamphlets, maps, postcards, posters and printed ephemera) relating to Tasmania.
  • The Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts has rich holdings of rare books, works of art, prints, photographs, manuscripts and decorative arts. Most of the visual material is nineteenth-century Tasmanian works, with members of the Allport family strongly represented.
  • The WL Crowther Library has similarly wide-ranging collections relating largely to Tasmania, but also to other subject areas such as the history of whaling and medical history. Again, the visual material is largely Colonial.
  • The Launceston Local Studies Library holds printed, manuscript and photographic material relating to northern Tasmania.

The 3,000 images already available on the State Library's 'Images from the Heritage Collections' web site include:

  • All of the original paintings, drawings and sketches in the Heritage Collections
  • Some (but not yet all) of the Library's collections of photographs
  • The JWB Murphy Collection of posters advertising theatrical, film and sporting performances in Hobart from 1896 to 1920
  • Tasmanian images in the Picturesque atlas of Australasia (1886) and the Jubilee history of Tasmania (1887)
  • A selection of scrimshaw pieces which are held in the WL Crowther Library.
  • A selection of early nineteenth-century Tasmanian paper currency Full bibliographical records for all items are included on the 'Images' web site as well as in the Library's on-line catalogue.

The work of digitising and cataloguing the Library's pictorial resources is continuing. Material to be added to the 'Images' site includes:

  • Further photographs from the Allport and Crowther collections
  • Further illustrations from significant Tasmanian works of history and description
  • Tasmanian apple- and pear-case labels from the Tasmaniana Library
  • Decorative arts (silver, porcelain, glass and furniture) from the Allport collections
  • The Tasmaniana Library's postcard collection
  • Photographs from the Launceston Local Studies Library.

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Doing the Block. Gt. Collins St.  [1880] Go to the State Library of Victoria homepage

State Library of Victoria
Multimedia Catalogue

The State Library of Victoria's Picture Collection forms a comprehensive visual record of the state and its people. The 650,000 images in the Collection constitute the oldest visual historical collection in Australia, illustrating the development of Victoria from the 1850s to the 1990s. Also included are some interstate and overseas views.

Of the Library's Picture Collection, over 160,000 images have been digitised and made available online via the Library's Multimedia Catalogue. The Multimedia Catalogue also contains some images from the Australian manuscripts, map, rare books and other special collections.

The scope of the Library's digitised content covers a diverse range of themes and collections. Content includes such subject areas as Melbourne and Victorian street scenes, buildings, ships, country views, costume, flora and fauna, portraits, Australian Aborigines, political and social events particularly of the nineteenth century, aerial views of Melbourne, factory interiors, domestic architecture, furniture, household goods and appliances, topographical, geological, botanical, agricultural and mining scenes, Federation commemorative arches and Boer War celebrations.

Further information about the scope of the State Library of Victoria's digitised content can be found on the Library's Web site.

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1893. Creek St and boats: scene in Creek St during flood Go to the University of Queensland Library homepage

University of Queensland Library
Alcock Collection

The University of Queensland Library delivers customer focused information products, services and programs that are integrated with, and central to, the University's teaching, learning and research activities. The Library's customers include undergraduates, postgraduates, academic and general staff, and members of hospitals, institutes and research centres associated with the University. Other universities and the wider community are significant clients.

The effectiveness of the Library in service delivery is strongly influenced by the effective implementation of information technology. The Library uses the term Cybrary to describe its combination of physical space and cyberspace and its integration of printed and electronic resources.

The Fryer Library is one of the Library's 14 branches. It has extensive Australian studies resources in its collections of books, journals, personal papers and photographs. Photographs included in the collection depict:

  • Queensland - people and places
  • University of Queensland - buildings, staff and students, sporting activities
  • Australian writers - from the personal papers of Australian writers in the Library's manuscript collection
  • Theatre - from the records of Brisbane theatre companies in the Library's manuscript collection

The Library has an ongoing commitment to digitise its historical collections as well as other collections used for University teaching and research purposes. These projects are described in Digital Developments at the University of Queensland Library.

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