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SCO Offers FAQ

Answers to frequently asked SCO Offers questions

Q: How do I check my order status?
A:  Select "Order Status" from the left menu bar, and follow the directions to obtain your order status.

Q: What can I do with this free license and media kit?
A: You can use it for learning about UNIX® systems, developing software that you do not sell, personal computing, or to run a personal web site. It can also be used for open source development and speculative development (Product development done before a product is shipped).You may not use it in your business or to support commercial or profit-making activities.

Q: What does the UnixWare 7 media kit consist of?
A:  The Complete UnixWare 7 Media Kit includes both software and manuals. It is a 6-CD software package accompanied by a system handbook, a "Getting Started Guide", and an"Installation Roadmap". The software package consists of 3
system CDs, SCO Vision2KTM, the UnixWare and OpenServer Development Kit, and Skunkware 98, a collection
of open source software.

Q:  What does the SCO OpenServer media kit consist of?
A:  The SCO OpenServer media kit is a 6 CD software package which is accompanied by a system handbook and release
notes. It consists of 1 system CD, 1 bootdisk, SCO® Vision software, SCO OpenServer Supplements, SCO OpenServer
Optional Services, UnixWare and OpenServer Development Kit, and Skunkware 98.

Q: Can I download the SCO OpenServer or UnixWare 7 media rather than buying the media kit?
A:  Unfortunately, no. Even with very high speed connections, both products are too large to download. However, if you know a friend or co-worker who has the media, you can use their copy in conjunction with your free license.

Q: Does SCO OpenServer support the use of Java™ technology?
A: Yes. The JavaTM Development Kit 1.1 for SCO Operating Systems is available for use under the terms of the personal, noncommercial license. Check the SCO web page for more information.

Q: How long will my media take to arrive?
A: You should allow up to 14 days for delivery, but in most cases it will arrive much sooner. International orders may take longer.

Q: I received my order, but the media was damaged. How can I get replacement media?
A: Please send an email to and provide your order number and address. We will replace your media at no charge.

Q: Why is SCO doing this?
A: As the owner of UNIX technology, SCO wanted to address the many requests from students, school faculties, hobbyists and business users who want to experiment with SCO software. With the availability of free and low cost Linux systems, we feel it is very important to make sure that SCO UNIX offerings are available for evaluation at a low cost.

Q: How do I pay for the product?
A: SCO can accept payment by credit cards: VISA or MasterCard (American Express is also accepted at US locations). We can also accept International Money Orders in US Dollars or UK Sterling, when sent to the correct address as explained on the order form.

Q: How do I upgrade to a commercial version of SCO OpenServer or UnixWare 7?
A: You may purchase a SCO commercial license through your local SCO supplier, and apply that license without reinstalling the software.

Q: Can I install commercial versions of SCO layered products on my copy of SCO UnixWare 7 or SCO OpenServer?
A: Yes, but those commercial products must be used in compliance with the non-commercial, personal, educational license which governs the underlying operating system.

Q: What kind of hardware is needed for UnixWare 7 and SCO OpenServer?
A:  Consult the SCO Compatible Hardware Web Pages at for detailed information on hardware support.

Q: How do I get Support assistance?
A: SCO does not provide free telephone or email support for free license products. There is online support however, at Support contracts are available for a fee from your SCO Support Service Provider, or from SCO Authorized Support Centers.