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For more information about PTS see: DrHufnagel.com NoMoreMenopause

We urge and highly suggest that all
post tubal women follow the
Post Tubal Women Medical Protocal
designed by
Dr.Vicki Hufnagel,MD
and get

Get Hormone Tested!

IL NOW's Tubal Ligation Resolution

Coalition for Post Tubal Women
Take the Tubal Ligation I.Q. Test
(click here to find out how well educated you are about TL)

Note:   More then 14 million women in the U.S. in the past 15 years have had a tubal ligation (tying the tubes) and was mendaciously told by their physician that tubal ligation is safe and without side effects.

Please forward this information to: ALL WOMEN
We are currently searching for and organizing two groups of
women who wish to originate class action law suits:

Women who wish to be included in the Coalition's efforts are asked to register with the CPTwomen and become a member. Please don't miss our December 18th deadline!

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