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Pieces of a New Coaster Track? 5/3/2000, 2:47:11 PM (ET) Add this rumor to your Personal Buzz

I was on the climb on Kumba on the very far left side of the train. I was looking around towards the top of the climb and when i looked down I saw what appeared to be pieces of a track laying down on the ground.I then noticed there was a lot of cleared room behind Kumba. I began to think it maybe was just a junk yard, but as the Kumba continued to go on, I got better views of it. I can't stand the anticipation. I wish someone could tell me if what i saw was in fact pieces of a rollercoaster or not.

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Pieces of a New Coaster Track?
Jerichoholic (Info) (Edit) 5/4/2000, 12:55:48 PM
hey, I saw it too. Looked like pieces of a new track. Hope you're right.
Coaster Babe (Info) (Edit) 5/4/2000, 2:27:38 PM

i hope i'm right too.Then we will have yet another coaster under our belts that we had riden together! :~) That'd kick butt!
Coaster Babe
Jerichoholic (Info) (Edit) 5/4/2000, 4:52:48 PM
I hope it is a wooden coaster so we know, on it. That would kick much boo-tay!!!
Coaster Babe (Info) (Edit) 5/5/2000, 12:32:14 PM
"it's true
it's true"

Coaster Babe
Dwin (Info) (Edit) 5/6/2000, 9:59:39 AM
I too have seen what you are talking about if it is a new coaster that will rock!!!

"I see it, I need it" Wayne Static
Jerichoholic (Info) (Edit) 5/7/2000, 5:45:59 PM
Dwin, you are the man
Coaster Babe (Info) (Edit) 5/9/2000, 6:26:26 PM
away with you Python little thing, come with you stand up big thing! LOL!it would all work out anyway if it was true because we can't go there for another six months, five now, and it will take them a while to get Python down and the stand up - well- up! So, it will all work out. Now all we need to do is keep our fingers crossed!I'll keep my toes crossed too!For that matter.LOL!

~Coaster Babe~
Jerichoholic (Info) (Edit) 5/10/2000, 7:20:17 AM
you just wanted to say little python thing cuz you never get a chance to call certain python things little, lol
Coaster Babe (Info) (Edit) 5/10/2000, 2:30:40 PM
You're crazy. I was just being stupid. what i do best. But if you put it that way. OK.

~Coaster Babe~
Jerichoholic (Info) (Edit) 5/14/2000, 9:22:15 AM

Roller coaster baby baby
Sexy Bitch #4
Dwin (Info) (Edit) 5/14/2000, 9:27:45 PM
I can see that you both have too much time on your hands. Jerichoholic sexy??? are you crazy!! and Coaster Babe Little Python??? Just one of the best rides they have. I know it. You know it.

"I see it, I need it" Wayne Static
LIL "D" (Info) (Edit) 5/15/2000, 4:46:27 PM
Is the track steel or wooden? I heard that they were improving the Edge of Africa experience to include a safari tour ride. It will include run-ins with real live animals, and a waterfall finale. This sounds like fun stuff for first time riding, but when it comes down to the real die-hard enthusiasm, a rollercoaster sounds better to me.
Coaster Babe (Info) (Edit) 5/16/2000, 12:30:54 AM
It was steel. They are improving or adding something to the preserve right next to the Edge Of Africa because they have the train tracks all dug up and animals moved.But i am talking about under Kumba there were track pieces. Back in Congo and there was also land in the back that looked recently cleared too. A lot of land. I also heard speculation of a stand up in the place of the Python which is also in that same area. So, i guess well just have to see. I personally am voting for the stand up!

~Coaster Babe~
Jerichoholic (Info) (Edit) 5/17/2000, 7:56:35 PM

shut your mouth Dwin, I'm dead sexy!!!
Sexy Bitch #4
LIL "D" (Info) (Edit) 5/18/2000, 5:50:29 PM
I just went and I saw the cleared land and the track. Hopefully they wont have to tear down the old classic Python. It is bumpy but the drop is unique in a way. It feels like you are going to hit the station when you sit on the right.
Lifthill (Info) (Edit) 6/16/2000, 4:07:54 PM
I hope it is a new coaster!!! BGT needs a lot more coasters.
Coaster Babe (Info) (Edit) 6/21/2000, 10:27:41 PM
I personally think that any Florida park NEEDS MORE ROLLERCOASTERS. I mean, real rollercoasters. Not the little ones like what Disney has. I mean REAL BREATH TAKING, HAIR RAISING, THROAT SO SOAR FROM SCREAMING, ROLLERCOASTERS!!!!!! I really hope that it is true.

~Coaster Babe~

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