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The Sirens of Time
    · Doctors 5 - 7
    · 5th Doctor,
Whispers of Terror
    · 6th Doctor, Peri
The Land of the Dead
5th Doctor, Nyssa
The Fearmonger
    · 7th Doctor, Ace
The Marian Conspiracy
6th Doctor, Evelyn
Dalek Empire:
The Genocide Machine

    · 7th Doctor, Ace
Red Dawn
    · 5th Doctor, Peri
The Spectre of
Lanyon Moor

6th Doctor, Evelyn
    · With the Brigadier
Winter for the Adept
· 5th Doctor, Nyssa
Dalek Empire: The Apocalypse Element
    · 6th Doctor, Evelyn
    · With Romana II
The Fires of Vulcan
    · 7th Doctor, Mel
The Music - Volume 1
    · by Alistair Lock
The Shadow of the Scourge
     · 7th Doctor, Ace,
The John Nathan-Turner Memoirs - Vol 1 & 2







Doctor Who is Back...

Big Finish Productions and BBC Worldwide welcome you to the newest chapter of the Doctor Who saga -- the audio adventures of the intrepid Time Lord, his courageous companions and his trusty TARDIS -- fully licensed by the BBC, starring members of the series' original cast.

Last Update: NOVEMBER 8, 2000

The Latest News...

Site Update
November 8 , 2000

The Music - Volume 1 and The John Nathan-Turner Memoirs have both had individual pages added.

The Shadow of the Scourge is now available and all subscription and pre-order copies have been dispatched.

Site Update
October, 26 , 2000

The Music - Volume 1 has now been released and all pre-orders have been dispatched.

Editing of The John Nathan-Turner Memoirs has now been completed. Both volumes will be released in early November and are priced at £12.99 (£14.50 non-UK) each or £20 (£23 non-UK) for the two together.

September 20 , 2000

The weekend of 16th and 17th September saw former long time Doctor Who producer John Nathan-Turner (left with Nicholas Briggs) record his memoirs for Big Finish.

John tells all about his time with the programme - detailing his early work with Pat Troughton and Jon Pertwee through the ten years he spent producing the show and talks candidly about the controversial aspects of his tenure and the actors, actresses, writers and directors he worked with.

JNT's memoirs will be released in two double-CD volumes in early 2001.

September 20 , 2000

The cats out of the bag… as discussed in this months MOJO magazine, David Arnold, composer for such movies as James Bond - The World is Not Enough, Stargate, Independence Day and Shaft will be the man responsible for a new version of the famous Who theme music for Big Finish's Paul McGann releases.

September 20 , 2000

Big Finish Productions are proud to announce the completion of recording on Earthsearch: Mindwarp, James Follett's prequel to his classic 80's sci-fi radio drama Earthsearch.

Recorded the 8th/9th/10th September, the three CD release stars Leon Parris as Ewen and India Fisher as Jenine (Charley Pollard in the upcoming Big Finish Paul McGann audios) as well as guest starring Colin Baker and Nicholas Courtney in roles far removed from their Doctor Who counterparts.

The original Earthsearch series was the second most successful BBC radio serial ever (after The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy) winning many awards and being translated into over 30 different languages.

Earthsearch: Mindwarp is scheduled for release in May 2001.

September 20 , 2000

Big Finish are delighted to announce that their licence from the BBC to produce Doctor Who on audio has been renewed - a sure indication that the Beeb believe that the franchise is safe in the hands of Big Finish.

Unfortunately, despite this renewal, Big Finish will not be inviting unsolicited script submissions as there are already enough scripts in the pipeline to fulfill current requirements.

September 20 , 2000

On release at the same time as as The Shadow of the Scourge in October will be the first Big Finish CD of the music composed for the Doctor Who audios. The CD will feature the work of musician Alistair Lock and will include music from Phantasmagoria and The Spectre of Lanyon Moor amongst others.

The music CD is available now to pr-order from the ordering page and is priced £8.99 (£10.50 non-UK).

September 20 , 2000

Details of the third Dalek Empire play, The Mutant Phase are now available. The cast sees the return to Big Finish of The League of Gentlemen's Mark Gatiss. Also joining Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton (left) are Christopher Blake, who starred in Love for Lydia (in which Peter Davison also appeared) and the comedy Mixed Blessings and Jared Morgan whose previous Doctor Who appearance was as a Bannerman in Delta and the Bannermen.

The Mutant Phase is due to be released at the end of December.

September 20 , 2000

Four new Dalek Empire audio plays are set to be released next year. Although linking into this year's three Dalek adventures these new plays will be completely doctorless and promise to evoke some of the spirit of the fondly remembered Dalek annuals and strips of the Sixties and Seventies. Nicholas Briggs will be directing and writing all four plays so expect them all to be closely linked with many of the same characters appearing in each story. For more details on the story take a look at the Dalek Empire page.

The new Dalek Empire plays will be released in June, July, October and November 2001. They will not be part of the existing subscription for the Doctor Who audios but a special offer to pre-order all four titles at once may be announced nearer the time of their release.

August 23 , 2000

To coincide with the re-launch of the all-new adventures of Professor Bernice Summerfield on both CD and in a new series of original novels, is now open for business. There you'll find details about forthcoming books and audios as well as features on the characters and the setting common to all the new adventures. Take a look.

Also available for your delight and delectation is the fabulous cover art for the forthcoming Seventh Doctor, Ace and Bernice adventure, The Shadow of the Scourge.

Finally, just a word of warning to those of you who wait eagerly for the postman at the beginning of each month in anticipation of the delivery of the next Big Finish Who play: The final three releases of this year, The Shadow of the Scourge, The Holy Terror and The Mutant Phase are all set to be issued towards the end of their respective release months, so please be patient. Sorry about this but production constraints and the availability of the leading actors have made this necessary.

If you would like to review previous news items check out the News Archive.

Big Finish Productions is JASON HAIGH-ELLERY and NANCY HINE. The Doctor Who Audio Adventures are produced by GARY RUSSELL and JASON HAIGH-ELLERY; and JACQUELINE RAYNER is the executive producer for the BBC.

Contact Big Finish Productions for all audio inquiries at

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Coming Soon 
The Holy Terror
    · 20 November 2000
    · 6th Doctor,
Dalek Empire:
The Mutant Phase

    · 23 December 2000
    · 5th Doctor, Nyssa
Storm Warning
    · January, 2001
    · 8th Doctor, Charley
Sword of Orion
    · February, 2001
    · 8th Doctor, Charley
    · Cybermen
The Stones of Venice
    · March, 2001
    · 8th Doctor, Charley
Minuet in Hell
    · April, 2001
    · 8th Doctor, Charley
    · With the Brigadier
    · May, 2001
    · 6th Doctor, Evelyn
    · June, 2001
    · 5th Doctor,
Dalek Empire - I
    · June, 2001
Dust Breeding
    · July, 2001
    · 7th Doctor, Ace
Dalek Empire - II
    · July, 2001
Project: Twilight
    · August, 2001
    · 6th Doctor, Evelyn
    · September, 2001
    · 7th Doctor, Ace
    · October, 2001
Dalek Empire - III
    · October, 2001
    · November, 2001
Dalek Empire - IV
    · November, 2001
The One Doctor
    · December, 2001
    · 6th Doctor, Mel

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