EMMA Foundation
The International EMMA Awards


1996 Winners

Best Audio

Business - Interpersonal Skills
Phone Fundamentals

Business - Sales/Management Training
Actros Interaktiv

Business - Technical Training

Education - 12-16 Years
Exploring the Nardoo

Education - 16-Adult
Diktat Deutsch als Fremdsprache

Education - 4-7 Years
Jump Start 1st Grade

Education - 7-11 Years
Verkehrte Welt!

Entertainment - Adult
Radio Times

Entertainment - Children's
Un Prince A L'Ecole

Entertainment - Family
The Pink Panther's Passport to Peril

Entertainment - Music
The Joy of Music

Games - Action/Simulation

Games - Strategy
Civilization II

General Interest - Arts & Culture
Venetian Deer

General Interest - History & Social Sciences
Lest We Forget - A History of the Holocaust

General Interest - Information & Reference
Makers of the 20th Century

General Interest - Leisure
Perfect Plants

General Interest - Natural History
Survival Mysteries of Nature

General Interest - Science & Technology
Multimedia The Human Body

General Interest - Sport
Paralympic Spirit

Interactive Approach - CD/Online Integration
Nine Worlds Hosted by Patrick Stewart

Interactive Approach - Interactive Fiction
PIPs in Tunnel Land

Interactive Approach - Interactive Magazines

Interactive Approach - Interactive Movies

Interactive Approach - Technical Usage
Twenty Seconds

Online - Business/Commercial

Online - Lifestyle/Entertainment