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Magical Drop
Reviewer : Maria Georgiou

If you enjoyed the frenzied kitsch arcade action of the Bust-a-Move series, then Magical Drop could be just the thing you’re looking for to while away those hours without even realising you are doing it. The game is very much like BaM in its premise, in the burst-the-balloons-before-they-come-crashing-down-on-top-of-you sort of way but it is different enough to warrant a closer look.

You begin with a screen full of balloons and your character has to pull them down by colour and then fling them back up in the air. If you link three or more balloons in a vertical fashion, they’ll explode and you’ll start clearing the screen. But you can’t stop and congratulate yourself just yet because you’ll be too busy frantically trying to pop some more before the whole lot come perilously close to crushing you to oblivion. When the balloons fill up the screen, your dead and the game is over.

It’s a one or two player game. One player is fine as the AI adequately challenges you on any one of the three difficulty levels that you can pick – ingeniously titled Easy, Medium or Hard – but you just can’t beat the thrill of sending a mass of balloons hurtling on to your opponents’ screen – even if it is just from the sheer euphoria of beating the pants off them. Two player can be accessed when you link two Game Boy Colors using the Game Link cable and you can win in two ways. Either using the aforementioned dropping of your balloons on their screen or with points you get subtracted from your quota for destroying balloons, the first to reach zero on their quota counter wins the game.

There are 6 types of balloon, the normal run of the mill balloon and an array of magic balloons that have various functions, from blowing up all balloons of the same colour and the rainbow balloon, which will make all the same coloured balloons disappear from the screen. There is however no way of knowing which balloon is which, so you just have to figure it out as you play, which does take a bit of the shine off. Another little niggle is that the high scores aren’t saved, possibly due to the fact that you are encouraged to use Game Boy printer to print out your highest score, thus being the only way to prove you’re a pro (hmm).

Despite these little foibles, Magical Drop does offer a whole lot of frantic fun. Addictive to say the least, you’ll play the game and wonder where the time went as you realise couple of hours have passed you by. Recommended for those of you who love a bit of puzzling action and perhaps for those who just want their eyes to go funny, from looking at a small screen full of minuscule balloons for too long.


Developed by:
Swing Entertainment

Version:  European
Released:  19/08/00
Platform:  Gameboy
Price:  £25

 You'll love it if you like the Bust-a-Move Series
 Frenzied arcade action!
 Whoop your opponents ass in two player mode.

 Difficult to tell the magical Balloons apart
 Annoying music
 Graphics make your eyes go funny

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