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Magical Tetris Challenge
Reviewer : Maria Georgiou

Mighty magical...

It’s the Tetris we all know and love, with a Disney twist. Play the classic game as your favourite Disney character, take part in the Tetris coin rally tournament in the Quest mode or play against your friends.

The game that launched a thousand Gameboys is back for the Gameboy Color with a difference. Magical Tetris Challenge combines the classic Tetris game with a little added Disney flavouring where you join Mickey and his pals for a building block adventure in either single player, 2 player or Quest modes.

You can choose to play the single player game in three variations: Standard, Updown or Magical. Standard – well, you should know by now. Updown lets you pit your wits against the console. The more blocks you get rid of the more will be dumped on to your opponent and vice versa. This mode of play can get a bit tricky because the computer artificial intelligence is as ruthless as ever, sending you copious amounts of blocks, while seemingly receiving none from you, no matter how fast you seem to get rid of them. Magical one player mode meanwhile lets you play against the computer again, but this time instead of getting a load of boring blocks dumped on you get special ‘obstacle blocks’ sent your way which you can counterattack with ‘counter blocks’.

All good fun but the problem is, when playing against the computer you can’t see what is happening, all you see is a rough gage of the damage you are doing and the damage being done to you. These games are probably better suited and much more fun in the 2 player mode, where you can witness the frustration on a friends face as they receive a huge amount of blocks on their screen.

The Quest mode allows you to join the Disney gang in the Tetris Coin Rally Tournament. Here you have to compete against the different Disney characters and play a series of Tetris challenges to collect the special coins. If you collect enough coins, you win the rally and defeat the dastardly plots of the Disney baddies. These mini games can be a lot of fun even if they are a little frustrating at times and it does make a change to see slight a story variation on the Tetris theme.

If you are a Tetris fiend at all this is definitely a title for you, combining some classic Disney characters with the best selling electronic puzzle game proves a great addition to the Tetris library.


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Version:  European
Released:  01/03/00
Platform:  Gameboy
Price:  £ 22

 Great addition to any Tetris collection.
 Disney characters.

 Another Tetris game.

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