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November 2, 2000

Scour Folds - The domino effect is taking its toll on the file-sharing community. is reportedly being taken over by This news comes just when Napster’s fate is being realized. At this time it is not know whether or not Scour will be turned into a subscription based operation. Although will take over Scour's financial liabilities , Scour is still responsible for its legal battles again the music and movie industry. It seems as though iMesh, the quirky Israeli based file-sharing program, may be the last hope in the losing battle against the recording industry. Get the full story here.

November 1, 2000

R.I.P. Napster - Napster, once the great bastion underdog in the revolution against the record companies, has folded up like a cheap suitcase. Napster itself has now become one of the enemy, and Slyway will treat it as such. In retrospect, Napster opened up the gateway to a new era of file transfer. We can anticipate Scour heading in this direction also, as it too is under a tremendous amount of pressure from the record industry. Is this the end of file-sharing? Napster, of course, says no, claiming that there will still be some free promotional sections of their service. Napster will forever be changed, a only a shadow of its former self. We encourage you not to fall for this devious plot conjured by the record industry and take advantage of free services like iMesh, Filetopia and open-nap servers. The revolution will not end with the end of Napster. Get the full story here.

Halloween, 2000

Napster sells out! - Say goodbye to the Napster networks, they have just officially sold out. In a plan with one of the major record companies Napster plans to soon charge a fee for using it's services.... Of course all the other Opennap servers will have to take charge now. Slyway will soon bring you a guide to napster alternatives.

October 18, 2000

Scour kickin' Ass! - Scour's user base and popularity are going through the roof. Users are finally seeing the realization of what the movie industry was dreading: the napster-like community that also offers movies / video clips.!!! I have a feeling that we will soon be seeing many more headlines about Scour.....

October 15, 2000

SDMI Failure - Remember SDMI? SDMI (Secure Digital Music Initiative) was what the music industry thought would be its savior from online file sharing and piracy. However, it is being reported that this security measure has been breached. Initial comments within SDMI have been that of denial. A SDMI spokesperson regards the issue: "That's false...I don't know the specifics because I'm not on the testing committee". The best thing about this story is that the music industry still doesn't realize what it's up against. There are tens of millions of Internet users in the US, and hundreds of millions around the world. Many of whom match the talents and far exceed the numbers of computer specialists that work for the music industry. Will the music industry try to come out with a new security measure? Go ahead, give it you best shot. Get the full story here.

October 13, 2000

Scour Keeps Sinking - To make Scour's matters worse, Scour has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. Scour made the move to "provide our management and board of directors with adequate time to review and develop recapitalization and restructuring alternatives to strengthen and improve Scour's business position." Scour has made it clear that the file-sharing program will remain operational. Could this be the beginning of the end for Scour? Scour claims that it is not, however, Slyway will keep an eye on this volatile development. Get the full story here.

October 12, 2000

Digital Music Barcodes - In addition to every other entertainment interest out there, the RIAA believes that it has a solution to the digital piracy dilemma. The RIAA intents to develop an identification system for all products it represents. This way, in theory at least, the RIAA would be able to track its movement through systems like Napster and then be able to trace, by use of the "barcode", back to the distributor. I wouldn't get too nervous about this security measure. For every new measure that's developed, there's a cracker out there just begging for the challenge of defeating it. Get the full story here.

October 11, 2000

Shutting Down Napster, Violation of Free Speech? - That's what Napster's legal team thinks. To prohibit the transmission of intellectual property certainly seems like a violation of the constitution. Who wants to take away your freedom? Its no surprise by now to know that the big corporations who view themselves in terms of dollars and sense care little about personal freedom and more about filling there wallets. Even if Napster is doomed, why we abide by a law that is in violation of our personal freedom? Who are the courts to ration our freedom? We all can do our part in this revolution and disregard any laws that we feel have little regard for our freedom and favor the large corporations. Get the full story here.

October 10, 2000

Scour's Way Out? - Scour Exchange has its fair share of problems. Recently, it had to lay off more than 3/4 of its employees, and faces daunting legal battles against the MPAA and RIAA. Resources are stretched thin and some analysts claim that Scour barely has enough money to keep it website operational. However, it seems as though there is some light at the end of the tunnel. "Scour has inked a deal with United Devices, a Softbank-funded distributed-computing startup, which will pay Scour to help distribute United Devices' free software to the 4 million people who trade media files with Scour Exchange." Get the full story here.

October 9, 2000

Looking For a Change? - Getting tired of Napster? Looking for something different? In addition to all the alternatives that Slyway has brought you, also examines some other alternatives. With the future of Napster at stake, it may be time to start looking for some reliable back-ups. If Napster does go down, how will Napsters competition stand up to the challenge of taking on an additional 25 million users? Get the full story here.

October 8, 2000

Napster Buy-out Update - Slyway brought to our viewers attention that Napster may be bought out by an ISP. At the time, these were mostly rumors and speculation, however now we have learned that Earthlink and Napster have begun negotiations. If Earthlink does decide to buy Napster, the copyright battle may not necessarily be over. However, if Earthink can strike a deal with the RIAA, we may see Napster survive. Even if Napster does sell itself to Earthlink, and a deal is worked out with the RIAA, it will only be a victory for the RIAA. Napster will no longer be the great warrior that destroyed the old institution; rather it will become its slave. Get the full story here.

October 6, 2000

Napster Continues to Grow - What's the fastest growing piece of software in American homes today? Napster. Between the months of February and August, Napster grew from a little over a million unique users to now more than 6 million unique users. In the month of September alone there was more than 1.39 billion songs downloaded using the Napster software. Most of this growth that we are seeing can be attributed to Napsters indefinite future. Considering that a vast majority of people feel that downloading MP3's and stealing an actual physical CD are two different things, we should continue to see this amazing growth. Get the full story here.

October 5, 2000

Sega Takes on The Internet - Taking a similar roll as the RIAA and MPAA, Sega is attempting to shut down several "pirate advice" websites. These sites, like, gives, among other useful news, information on Sega Dreamcast ISO's. ISO's (an exact duplicate of a CD) are widely available on Usenet and IRC. Although Sega claims that gives specific instructions how to download and burn Dreamcast ISO's, Slyway has found this claim to be exaggerated. Only those who are computer and Internet savy can piece togeather the clues on iSONEW's bulletin board system and carry out a download of a Dreamcast ISO. Get the full story here.

Napster on Sale? - Could Napster be coming to your local ISP? In Napster's latest effort in self-preservation, it has been conducting on-again off-again purchasing talks with two unnamed ISPs. Apparently, these were casual negotiations, however since Napster is facing the very real possibility of being wiped off the Internet, the discussions have been more intense. If this were to happen, Napster would only be accessible to those members of the ISP who bought Napster. A portion of your monthly ISP charge would then be passed on to the record labels. In corporate terms, this would probably make everyone happy; the record lables would get royalties, Napster would "survive" and the ISP who buys Napster would have a very attractive service for its users.
At Slyway, we would much rather see Napster lose a hard fought battle in court and have its service stripped away rather than see it sucked into the corporate abyss. Napster has already changed the way we communicate on the Internet; let it be a martyr rather than an icon of pity. Get the full scoop here.

October 4, 2000

Will Napster Sell Out? Faced with ever mounting pressure, Napster has been toying with the idea of creating a subscription based network. The good news is that the music industry has not accepted any of the proposals brought forth by Napster. The reality of the situation is that Napster is no different than the music industry. Napster made itself out to be the savior of the CD consumers, but now it seems it’s ready to turn the tables to save itself. If Napster does become a commercialized MP3 source, will continue to show our users how to get the files you want without caving into corporate America’s pressure. Get the full story here.

Warner Combats Piracy... - Not too long ago, a top Sony executive claimed that Sony will “firewall Napster at its source, at an individuals computer, and their ISP” and so on. This was more than a month ago, and his words are all that remain. Now, Warner Music has announced that they will release a new DVD-Audio disc, with new anti-copying features. The DVD-Audio disc is “expected to offer higher audio quality than CDs and provide seven times the storage capacity of a CD, Warner Music's DVD-audio discs will also offer brief music videos, artist commentary, still pictures, artist biographies, discographies and song lyrics.” Sound good? Well, check out there price tag: $24.98 per disc. Although The encryption is supposed to be sophisticated, it is only a matter of time that this venture suffers the same fate as DeCSS. Check out this story here.

October 3, 2000

Stay Tuned - This is it. Today there are many possibilities that may happen at days end. One, the injunction may be reinstated. If that happens, then Napster as we know it is done for. Two, the injunction may be lifted, and Napster’s existence, for all intents and purposes, will be legal. Or, as many legal observers state, the trial may be sent back to the dreaded Judge Marilyn Patel. The important thing is that there are many possible outcomes, and Slyway is ready to deliver the latest news, and how it affects the file sharing community. If necessary, (we hope not!) we’ll also guild you through the alternatives to Napster.

Ready to Rumble - Napster’s CEO, Hank Barry is confident that Napster will prevail. Hillary Rosen is sure that the RIAA will overcome. This is perhaps the most important date in copyright history, as the two titans clash for perhaps the last time. The stakes are high, and the stage is set as copyrights laws in America have the potential to be turned upside down today. Will file sharing be legal? Will we be able to distribute movies, music, and literature over the Internet without fear of retribution from the Government or the RIAA? Those questions will be will be answered today, and the fate of Internet will be known. Get the full story here here.

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