What is Pachinko?

Pachinko is a game which you snap a 11mm steel ball on upright nail driven panel and try to put a ball into certain spots. The players consume the balls first then challenge the game. If you do put a ball into particular spots, you'll get several balls in return, and numbers of returning balls are different by situation. From the total of the balls you earned, you can exchange it with various premiums of your choice.

( photo: "CR Fever muscle GP" newest computerized Pachinko machine made by SANKYO in 1995 )

Pachinko is a Japanese peculiar amusement,but its root is uncertain. One version says that "Coringth Game" from Chicago, U.S.A. has been imported to Japan and then reformed. Others are that its from France or from England. Anyway, it appeared in Japan in early 20's. It used to use a spring to snap the balls on plywood with many nails driven. And it was played out on the streets.

( photo: "Takarakuji" one of oldest Pachinko machine made bye Masamura Shokai in 1947 )

Later,the many Pachinko stores opened and that became the main current. In later 80's computers were used in them. Right now, Pachinko is a symbol of high technologies and those technologies are used not just for the machines themselves, but also used in prepaid cards, dataanalysis of control process, and maintenance of facilities.

( photo: "Under Tulip" made bye DAIWA in 1966 )

Now Pachinko is played by many adult people regardless of their age or sex as easy amusement place. In Japan, the Pachinko market has grown into 18 trillion yens ( approximately 180 million US dollars ) industry. In there, the P-ARK Corporation is leading the Pachinko industry by its advanced use of technologies and marketing strategy based on accurate consumer needs.

( photo: "Fever" made bye SANKYO in 1980 )

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