Singapore Airlines

Flight SQ006 Update

Released: 8 November 2000, 1030hrs Singapore.

News Release 18

NR 18/00

8 November 2000


The repatriation of the deceased for Flight SQ 006 is underway. The remains of 54 of the deceased have been repatriated, or will be repatriated within the next few days. Seventy-eight passengers and four crew died when Flight SQ 006 from Taipei to Los Angeles crashed upon take-off in Taipei on 31 October 2000.

The remains of 19 bodies are being repatriated to the United States (14 Americans, 3 Taiwanese and 2 Indians), 13 to Singapore (11 Singaporeans, one British and one American), 10 to India (8 Indians and 2 Americans), 4 to Malaysia, and 3 Americans to Canada. In addition, 1 deceased from Indonesia, Japan, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Vietnam respectively will be repatriated home.

The remains of 14 deceased Taiwanese passengers will remain in Taipei. Repatriation plans are still to be put in place for 14 of the deceased, including nine Taiwanese, four Americans and one Filipino.

Twenty-four passengers and crew remain in hospital - 18 in Taipei; 2 who have been moved to a hospital in Kaoshiung, Taiwan; 1 who was transferred to a hospital in Sacramento, USA; and 3 others who have been transferred to a Singapore hospital.

Seventy-three survivors, including 40 who were not injured and 33 who have been checked out of hospital, have returned to their homes or continued with their travel.

Singapore Airlines continues to offer whatever assistance is necessary to survivors and families who lost loved ones on the flight.

* * *

Issued by SIA Public Affairs Department at 1030 hours.

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