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Program Monterey Developer Program


AIX 5L Overview


AIX 5L offers the single greatest value to ISVs who want to expand revenue opportunities with minimal incremental costs.

Comprehensive support for software developers sets AIX 5L apart from the competition. The integrated AIX 5L Developers Program provides developers the support they need to take advantage of the industry's most open and flexible multi-platform UNIX operating system.

Incremental Costs, Exponential Returns

The AIX 5L operating system is commercially designed and supported, it targets both IBM POWER and the forthcoming Intel Itanium processors. AIX 5L -- which also possesses a strong Linux affinity -- enables ISVs to support a wide range of UNIX platforms with a single source tree and a common development environment. As a result, it provides a fast route to capitalizing on growth in the UNIX industry.

Because AIX 5L is an open, flexible, multi-platform UNIX operating system that uses common technologies, your investments in development on AIX, UnixWare or DYNIX/ptx will pay additional dividends when hosted on AIX 5L. This well-defined pathway helps ISVs to leverage current investments and position themselves for future incremental revenue growth.

By developing solutions for AIX 5L, ISVs can minimize business risks and take immediate advantage of the opportunities afforded by the forthcoming Intel Itanium processor. To assist you, we offer support that includes:

  • Common development platform
  • Common development tools
  • UNIX Developers Kit
  • Solution Developer Program
  • Early Developer Program for Intel Itanium processors
  • Porting and Tuning Centers

To customize your development support, choose specialized development services for AIX 5L on Power or Intel Itanium processor architectures.