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i2Go Software

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i2Go MP3Agent software
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  • Automatically synchronizes with to schedule unattended downloads of your personalized Programs and writes them directly to your eGo®.
  • Drag-n-drop MP3 links from the web in an imbedded browser for scheduled or immediate download
  • Convert your POP3 Email to MP3 audio and play them on your eGo®
  • Manage local MP3 playlists for writing to your MP3 player or playing on your PC
  • Schedule MP3 downloads for automatic delivery to your eGo® or Rio® unattended
  • Read/write to Rio 300® using NT®
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That's 5 times the capacity of other 64Mb players!

How big is your eGo?
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  • Manage your MP3 files
  • Automatically get Web Playlists
  • Read/Write to your eGo
  • Convert Email to MP3
IBM 340mb Microdrive

Hardware   Software   Community   Store   MP3Search   Support   Affiliates   Press   Help
  Predefined   News   Weather   Financial   Entertainment   Sports   Music   Email
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