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Top 100 Sites

BETA Version (Full launch to be announced soon)

Gateway into the PlanetCartoonist.com Top 100 Site Lists. Click any of the lists below to view the work of hundreds of cartoonists, illustrators and comics professionals!

Top 100 List Tech Support

Top Cartooning Sites

Top Illustration Sites

Top Children's Book Sites

Top Caricature Sites

Top Comic Book Sites

Top Animation Sites

Top Comic Strip Sites

Top Editorial Cartoon Sites

PlanetCartoonist.com Top 100 Site List Terms of Service and Frequently Asked Questions:


1: Terms of Service:
PlanetCartoonist.com retains the right to edit and/or remove any URL listed on any of our Top 100 Site Lists. Sites are allowed to list here provided they place their Top 100 Site code on their HOME page. Failure to do so will result in removal of the URL and link from the Top 100 Sites list. By placing your Top 100 List code on more pages, sites incrementally improve the odds that your ranking on the list will improve. There are two ways for your site to register "votes": First, a lick on your Top 100 Site graphic means a vote for YOUR web site. Secondly, when someone clicks on your listing or graphic on a Top 100 Site List, that too is a vote for your site. To prevent "ballot stuffing", only one vote per site is allowed for any given IP within one 24 hour period. Sites not receiving hits will be removed from the Top 100 Sites list. Only the graphic links for the Top 25 sites of the moment will be displayed. Want your logo to appear? Then add the Top 100 Sites graphic to more of your web pages to encourage more votes -- and escalate your position into the Top 25. Sites are ranked by their total number of hits. We're serious about these rules, gang. Need tech support for these lists? TopSiteLists provides an excellent online FAQ area. Go here for answers.

2: Linking back to PlanetCartoonist.com:
Sites listed on the Top 100 List must post their PlanetCartoonist.com link graphic on their HOME page. Sites not doing so will be removed from the List. This code must be cut and pasted into your web page EXACTLY as it is written. Inserting incorrect code will keep your site from being credited with votes.

3: Vote Tallying:
Votes are attributed to your site in two ways. When a person comes into your site and clicks on the PlanetCartoonist.com Top 100 Site List graphic, that is a vote for your site. Similarly, when a person is browsing the list and clicks on your site graphic or textual link, that too is a vote for your site. We also IP match -- disbaling people from being able to vote more than one time for one site ina given 24 hour period.

4: Technical Support:
Due to limited resources, PlanetCartoonist.com CANNOT provide technical support for these Top 100 Site lists. However, Topsitelists.com does provide excellent online tech support. You can always reach this area from PlanetCartoonist.com -- and the direct URL is http://www.topsitelists.com/support.html

5: Duplicate Accounts:
At present, we are hoping individual users will exercise restraint when siging up on these lists. We would like to encourage quality on these lists over quantity. Please try to ONLY sign up for a list that truly does apply to you -- and avoid the temptation to add your name to a number of lists just for the sake of doing so. We really do not want to have to police the lists, but we will -- and remove sites abusing our rather open door policy. The rule of thumb here is to "be cool".

6: Your Account:
To once again obtain your link code, go to PlanetCartoonist.com, click on your list, then scroll towards the bottom to find an edit hyperlink. You will then be prompted to enter your ID# (your number appears on your List link) and your password.

7: TopSiteLists.com Policy:
It is important for you to understand that when you click a PlanetCartoonist.com Top 100 Sites graphic icon, you are then sent to the TopSiteLists.com server -- and you're in their hands. While PlanetCartoonist.com has created these lists as a way to send additional traffic to both PlanetCartoonist.com and the sites incorporated on each list, PlanetCartoonist.com takes no responsibility for technical problems on the TopSiteLists.com server(s). In the very unlikely event that the TopSiteLists.com server(s) crash and lose some or all of the data stored on the PlanetCartoonist.com Top Site Lists, this is entirely beyond the control of PlanetCartoonist.com. If such an unlikely scenario were to occur, previous PlanetCartoonist.com Top 100 List members would have the option to re-submit to any new lists established by PlanetCartoonist.com on a first come, first served basis, with no preferential treatment being given to their listings, or reinstitution of any retroactive votes. Simply stated, of TopSiteLists.com loses these lists, everyone starts over -- including PlanetCartoonist.com.

8: How do YOU benefit from inclusion on these lists?
The concept is frightfully simple: Sites incorporated on a PlanetCartoonist.com Top 100 Site list derive traffic from web surfers who browse the Lists, and PlanetCartoonist.com also receives benefit when those listed sites link to PlanetCartoonist.com. When everyone plays by the rules, it's a win/win situation. We are delighted that some sites listed are reporting as high as a 1500% increase in their site traffic -- and this is precisely what the lists are all about.

9: How do YOU increase your site traffic by using PlanetCartoonist.com?
Be creative. The more pages you add your vote graphic to, the more votes you'll receive. You can even send emails to friends and colleagues instructing them to visit a page in your site where you publish the PlanetCartoonist.com graphic and then ask them to click on it to "vote" for your site. Take a look at what Randy Glasbergen does does to encourage votes on his site. This is very successful for him -- and keeps his site at the top of the PlanetCartoonist Top 100 Cartooning Sites List.

10: My graphic doesn't appear! Why?
ONLY the top 25 sites at any one time appear on any one list. Loading 100 graphics at once would be a cgi-based nightmare, and would cause web surfers to twiddle their thumbs. Additionally, the Top 20 banner rule encourages sites to actively promote their listing. Wanna see your site rise in the ratings? Agressively promote it (see #9).

11: Are there limits on the size of my banner?
A normal banner is 72dpi and 468pixels wide by 60pixels deep. That's ideal. If you keep to that (general) size, it's fine. Any huge or slow-loading graphic will be removed from the site. Unforunately, the ONLY way to improve the load speed of the lists is if each each cartooonist or illustrator creates and posts the smallest, fastest-loadiing banner they possibly can.

12: If my site is to be removed from the List, will I be notified in advance?
Probably not. We have 800 sites on these lists, and it requires time to manage them. We have established these very easy to follow rules which we hope each site will follow. When the rules are broken, we'll modify your site listing or remove it -- and even that takes way too much time. Therefore, DO NOT count on an advance email from us! Follow the rules and no problems, break 'em and we have no other recourse than to regretfully remove your site. If you don't agree with our policies, we encourage you to initiate your own list with TopSiteLists.com. You may remove your site from the PlanetCartoonist.com Top 100 Site Lists at any time.

13: What browser should I use to view the List?
Internet Explorer works best because the browser allows one to view banners and gifs AS they pop up individually. Netscape is much slower as it requires that ALL images and gifs load before it reveals the listing page.

Again, thanks for taking part in the unique PlanetCartoonist.com Top 100 Site List Program.


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