William Logan 1798-1875
"It is twelve o'clock at night, and I am bushed... I have had a blow on the head from a great stone weighing half a hundredweight when it fell upon me, fortunately from no great height. I have had a tumble, too, on a slippery stone, striking my elbow; and I put my foot between two stones and pinched my instep; so that I am all bruises, and my limbs are as stiff as sticks. I'll go to bed."

Sanford Fleming 1827-1915
"... [a traveller] lands at Halifax, in Nova Scotia, and starts on a railway journey through... Saint John, Québec, Montréal, Ottawa and Toronto. As he reaches each place in succession, he finds a considerable variation in the clocks by which the trains are run, and he discovers that at no two places is the same time used."

Alexander Graham Bell 1847-1922

"Dr. Bell would enter his laboratory and immediately stride over to the telephone and stuff a towel around it. He did this to prevent anyone calling and interrupting his train of thought. He would settle back in his chair, light his pipe and say, 'Now a man can think.' "

Reginald Fessenden 1866-1932

"December 23, 1900...This afternoon, here at Cobb Island, intelligible speech by electromagnetic waves has for the first time in the world's history been transmitted."

Maude Abbott 1869-1940

"One of my day-dreams, which I feel to be selfish, is that of going to school... If it ever does come to pass that I get my wish, I will try to keep my resolutions (1) to study hard and conscientiously (2) not to get wild etc, as many girls do (3) not to care for competition but for the real study and benefit I derive from it (4) to remember that I go to school for education, not for fun."

Wallace Turnbull 1870-1954
"The crying need today of aëronautics (considered as a science) is research work, and it is simply amazing... to note how few persons are willing to take up the laws of aërodynamics and reduce them to an exact science."

Frère Marie-Victorin 1885-1944
"Whether botanist, zoologist, entomologist or geologist we can, by working with sound methodology, make our modest contribution. And it is drops of water that make up the sea. The great works of natural history are built upon the patient analysis of the accumulated material of countless researchers."

Andrew McNaughton 1887-1966
"I am also deep in the project with the Air Defence Command to develop new methods for producing high velocity [projectiles] by two novel methods. One, electrical, which Ballard knows about, and the other the conical smooth bore gun with a projectile of aerodynamic form..."

Margaret Newton 1887-1971
"Stem rust occurs in every province of Canada... In 1916 the reduction in yield of wheat [caused by rust] was estimated at 100 million bushels, and in 1935, at 87 million bushels..."

Frederick Banting 1891-1941
"It is not within the power of the properly constructed human mind to be satisfied."

Wilder Penfield 1891-1976
"... I realized that there was a thrilling undiscovered country to be explored in the mechanisms of the mammalian nervous system. Through it, one might approach the mystery of the mind... "

E.W.R. "Ned" Steacie 1900-1962
"He was innovative; visitors noted on his wall a picture of a tortoise with the caption, 'Consider the tortoise: he makes progress only when his neck is out.' "

Gerhard Herzberg 1904-1999
"[as a student] I also had an idea about a continuous spectrum of molecular hydrogen, which turned out to be rather foolish, but it did form the beginning of my lifelong interest in the spectrum of molecular hydrogen."

Elizabeth "Elsie" MacGill 1905-1980
"At Ann Arbor I studied aircraft design and wind tunnel work principally. I intend going in for airplane design work professionally."

J.-Armand Bombardier 1907-1964
"Someday, I will invent a little machine that will float on snow, and even take me back up these hills!"

Alphonse Ouimet 1908-1988
"It is the whole tremendous potential of television that must be placed at the service of the nation, and not only one-half or one-quarter of it, if we are effectively to stem the tidal wave of imported television which, if added to other factors, would threaten our very Canadian identity and nationhood."

Gerald Heffernan 1919
"We were roasting ore under pressure and reducing it with hot hydrogen, trying to change its composition so it would become soluble... The equipment was leaking and the laboratory became saturated with hydrogen. That's when I really blew myself up. I flew six feet and smashed through the door, which fortunately was flimsy."

John Polanyi 1929
"...nothing is more irredeemably irrelevant than bad science..."

George J. Klein 1904-1992
"No one really taught me anything like that. I was given the problem and thought of about 15 different ways of getting at it. "

Hugh LeCaine 1914-1977
"When, thanks to the broad humanist view of Dr. Steacie, I was able to work on electronic music legitimately, it was a great source of pleasure to me to think that our widely acknowledged preoccupation with science and technology might be turned to some advantage for the arts.... " Hugh Le Caine at Queen's University 1971

Michael Smith 1932-
"In this country you can do world-class research as judged by your professional peers. "

Bertram Neville Brockhouse 1918-
"What we basically do in physics is push something and see what happens."