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"Russian Native System of Self Defense" provides training in 8 directions or "educational schools":

1. ROSS Close-quarters Combat and Survival School

2. ROSS Renovated Sambo, Judo, Jujitsu, Aikido School 

3. ROSS Executive and Close Protection Training School

4. ROSS Bayonet Fighting and Carbine Fencing School

5. ROSS Acrobatic Dance & Stunt Combat School

6. ROSS System of Health Improvement ZDOROVYE

7. ROSS Advancements in Contact Sports School (Increased qualifications in football, rugby, hockey)

8. ROSS Sport Fisticuffs School


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For more information from Russia on the ROSS Training System, visit the following links:
International Headquarters in Russia


  What is ROSS?

R.O.S.S. is the Russian acronym for 
     In English language, this can be translated as the "Russian Native System of Self-defense".  ROSS was developed by Gen. Alexander Ivanovich Retuinskih, President of the International and All-Russian Federation of Russian Martial Art, Vice-Chairman of the International Combat Sambo ("Unarmed Combat") Commission for FIAS (International Sambo Federation) and Chairman of the Russian Combat Sambo Committee, General Director of the RETAL (Russian Combat Skill, Consultant Scientific and Practical Training) Center, General of the Cossack Military, Chief of Department of Hand-to-Hand Combat, Honoured Coach of Russia, Deputed representative of Russian President V. Putin.  ROSS is the training system of Russian Martial Art researched and formulated by the RETAL Center and endorsed and approved by the IRFRMA, which is sanctioned and authorized by the National Olympic Committee of Russia as the sole official representative of Russian Martial Art within Russia and worldwide.
     At the present time in the RETAL Center, the training headquarters of the Russian Federation of Russian Martial Art, a method of training specialists is being developed and tested.  The indicated method is determined as "Know-How" (registered with the State enterprise "Inform patent" Committee of the Russian Federation by patent and trademark of April 4, 1995).
     The application of the indicated methods allow for the sufficient preparation of specialists or athletes for hand-to-hand combat in a relatively short span of time, and also for the use of latent reserves of the human being.  ROSS is available for any age and health for people under any condition considering the least time and energy expenditure.  Training is designed to imbed neuromuscular memory and imprint psychophysiology with the basic Survival preparation practiced exclusively by the trainers of the elite combat subdivisions of the Russian Spetsnaz Special Operation Units.  Seminars and training will be within a NON-competitive climate.  Group development is not competitive, but cooperative; there is no devotion to the paradigm of ‘Winning-Losing’, only to mutual development.  Seminars and training introduce practices necessary to increase survivability.
     The training is designed to introduce a reeducation of bio-mechanical awareness and bio-energetic potential critical for the neutralization of even the highest intensity conflict of armed plural-assailant engagements and the rejuvenation and regeneration of the physical wellness and fortitude crucial to survival.
     In The System of Russian Martial Art ROSS, the concept of a "technique" is missing.  Variations used on the basic movements of ROSS derive from circumstances and conditions as they are applied.  This makes it possible to eliminate the repetitive variations so as to not give an attacker the ability to construct a counterattack in advance.  When in combat, basic motions are employed in continuous motion until the complete neutralization of the assailant, each preceding motion turning into the beginning of the subsequent one.
     Furthermore, in the application of the ROSS Training System, a human expends approximately 25-30% of its bio-energetic potential, which enables it to regain its own energy in the process of combat and apply combative actions that are not pre-orchestrated, while being in a relaxed state.
     The study of the ROSS Training System does not require considerable financial expenses and does not lead to the deterioration of the psyche and biomotor identity that are pre-owned through other aspects of single combat, in as much as ROSS is based on the use of the innate reflexes of humans and in the beginning stage of study can be used for perfecting already acquired skills.  ROSS is not a style of fight, but a system of methodological training.  Furthermore, practice has shown that the study of ROSS provides a powerful health and spiritual physical impact on those who study it, and also among them, the formation of a mutual understanding, fellowship and a sincerity toward national traditions.  Spiritual sources of Russian Martial Art are connected with the ancient Slavic Warrior-hunter ("Bogatyr") phenomenon.
     ROSS comprises 3 programs of study per level.  There are three levels per course, and 4 courses in each direction of training (see the 8 Schools or Directions of ROSS Training on the left of this page.)

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