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october 13, 2000

Hey, it's actual programming questions they ask at Microsoft! I had a similar experience at the very first company I interviewed for, except with a lot of low level Electrical Engineering questions — just imagine me answering these questions while wearing an expensive suit, eating a bowl of spaghetti (extra marinara sauce, yes, it was a lunch interview) while a 6'3" Persian technical director with evil piercing eyes looks over my shoulder, shaking his head. I'm glad I am in web development.

Is it me, or does the guy at this weblog look like the lead singer from Smash Mouth? Ironic thing is, he works for Billboard magazine. Dude, can you hook me up with, like, Carson Daly?

"Hi, this is Tammy from New Jersey and I wanna request NSyncs ByeByeBye cuz they're sweet and nice and totally totally hot and I wanna do them whooooo!!!" *cough* Sorry. TRL moment.

It's another edition of "Ernie's weird referral phrases from search engines":

october 12, 2000

Yeeeah. My not-an-interview with Curtis from Big Brother at the Ammys was linked on realityblurred.com. I have now contributed to the weblogging community and can die a happy man now.

Speaking of Asian conferences, the keynote speech for said conference was from the pudgy Korean founder of kozmo.com. "Never give up on your dreams," he said. "And don't be afraid to take risks." This can be interpreted as, "Start your own dot-com business, use unethical business practices, and step down so you can bask in the glory of starting a company without being blamed for it failing miserably. Hooray, Asians!" Heh. The stock of the dot-com company I work for reached $9 last week, from its 52-week high of $81. So, here is what I've learned about the industry I work in thus far: Dot-coms will fail miserably and you will become a heroin junkie. But if you're lucky, you might be keynote speaker at a conference.

I find pictures that mock ecstacy and the raving scene juvenille and inappropriate. Unless, of course, your co-worker / neighbor two doors down is the one who did it. Then it's just damn cool. Whoo-hoo! Go Jakub!

"Billy, give the Gameboy back NOW. Mommy needs to sew." (Via Nicci @ Post-Survivorblog. Yeah, just when you thought it was over.)

october 11, 2000

I will never, ever look at the alphabet the same way ever again.

Line by line differences between PHP, Javascript and ASP. This page is waaaaay too cool, especially since I know ASP fairly well, am learning PHP, and rather chew my tongue off and die choking on it rather than spending a day debugging Javascript. (Thanks, Jako.)

Fuck yeah! My first marraige proposal from a lesbian. Rawk! 400 wedding invitations with the name "Bertie and Ernie" can be really awkward, however. And if you've ever been to a Chinese wedding, you know about those banquets.

october 10, 2000

Why gay people annoy the living shit out of me, reason #27. Haha. *clutches a baseball bat*

Ok, so you're expecting me to write something about SURVIVORblog, aren't you? Fine, fine.

So, in case you have absolutely refused to visit something so low-brow as SBlog, let me give you the really quick lowdown: six weeks ago, ten contestants were invited to post on a weblog. Every couple of days, the contestants would vote each other off. The winner would receive $75, the runner-up $25. Yesterday night, a jury of ex-contestants voted off Kevin, the self-proclaimed web geek and the guy who started AOLiza. The winner? Nicci, a married British goth chick living in Canada. A bunch of people made donations to the winning prize, so she walked away with $210. (Thats around $316 Canadian dollars. Aaaah, the Canadian economy.) And this was from an idea I had five days before.

So am I glad it's over? Uhhm... HELLO?! Of COURSE I'm happy SBlog is over! This puppy took up my time, my energy, at least $100 of my money. At times, my sanity was questioned. I had no idea how big it would get -- after a small mention on blogger.com (which, might I mention is now gone from their news archives) I spent an afternoon reading what other weblogs had to say, most of which consisted of: "Survivorblog. It was bound to happen, I guess." And then they went back to sipping their lattes and doing whatever high-brow people do. Listen to the Indigo Girls or something. You know how it is.

But you know what? Survivorblog may have been the red-headed stepchild of the blogging scene, but hey. I met a lot of great people, both contestants and from people who took the "/survivor" out of the "http://littleyellowdifferent.com/survivor" to see the crazy guy who made the weblog. SBlog had some fans in the Netherlands and Iceland. I wouldn't have found the internet radio station down in Sydney if it weren't for SBlog. I've got no regrets.

And now that it's over, you can expect me to post here more often, at least. Hooray! Or something.

october 9, 2000

Wow. A $1 Billion dollar giveaway. Billion with a b. Of course, the odds of winning are 1 in 2.4 billion. Billion with a b. That's like plucking a random person from China, and only giving HIM a 50% chance of winning. (From Jessie)

Jesus H. Christ! Was October 8th "Change the Design of your Weblog" day?

october 8, 2000

Back from the conference. Aaaah, so much to say, dunno where to start. Four words some it up the best, I guess: Event blew, celebrities rawked. I may have walked around the conference and the Ammy awards with a giant badge that says "PRESS," but when it all comes down to it, me and MJ were just two random people with no journalism experience, running around a VIP room figuring out what the fuck we got ourselves into while various Asian actors and actresses get drunk on their complementary Hennessy.

Most of the interviews I'll have to save for the II Stix article, but I will let you in on who I got a kick out of interviewing the most: Curtis from Big Brother. That's right, Curtis walks into the Press room, and while everyone else is too busy feeding Rick Yune's massive ego, I'm making a beeline towards the back of the room.

Would you like to see a transcript of the interview? Of course you would.

Big Brother has been over for a couple of weeks, hows evertyhing been thus far?
It�s been crazy. We�ve been doing a quick media tour in New York, various television interviews and press releases, I just settled into my apartment in New York and have tried to watch the tapes, I�ve only seen a few. Trying to get back to regular life.

So I hear you�re moving in with Brittany. That true?
Actually, Brittany is my guest here tonight. (*pauses for a second as he notices Ernie's eyes widening, trying to think of a polite way to ask whether she's seen naked pictures of herself on the internet yet*) Yeah, she�s here too. We�re still good friends. We�re undecided whether we�re living together but we�re both moving to Los Angeles. If it all works well, we�ll definitely move in together.

So if you�re moving to Los Angeles, does that mean you�re going to work for a law firm still? Or are you looking for something different now that you�ve earned some notoriety from Big Brother?
I�m schedule to start work for the US Attorneys office in Los Angeles. If there are any interesting opportunities that come up, however, I�ll look into it as well.

Have any interesting stories of being seen on the street or anything?
I think everytime someone recognizes me on the street, it�s still a little bit crazy. Whatever celebrity status I have, sort of developed while I was in there, and now I've been thrown out here, and I have people come to me saying that they know me, and its still a strange. Definitely walking around Times Square, you can�t escape it. Me and Josh were walking around Times Square and being were taking pictures and wanting autographs. Its fun.

Hows your family taking all this? I know you�re not First Generation, right? [note: As in, First Generation Asian American, meaning conservative parents would kick the living crap out of their kids if they knew they would be put in an environment with all the world to see.]
We�re third generation. They�re fine. They�re still kind of reserved, it�s not something for them, but they�ve enjoyed the whole experience.

Okay, so far, so good typical. But this is the part where things get different — any real Asian journalist would follow this up with, "how did you feel about being a representive of the Asian American community? Did it hurt when all of us talked shit about you while you were living in the house with a bunch of white people and Will and Cassandra and then follow it up by inviting you to a badly organized Asian awards show?" But no. This is II Stix. We're amateurs hip and irreverant. So we end the conversations with this instead:
Okay... uhmmmm.... it's after midnight, and you're hungry. What do you do?
*bewildered look* Uhmm... well, back in New York, I could always call in for Pizza.

Boxers or Briefs?

And that's where I shut off the voice recorder. Everyone who worked on their high school newspaper is sending me death threats now, I can feel it. Ahwell.

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