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September 1999 - Added several short reports and pictures for hikes to Gem Lake, Chapin/Chiquita/Ypsilon, Glacier Gorge hikes, and an ultra dayhike to Grand Lake via Stone Man Pass.

6/8/98 - Sorry folks, due to unusually heavy family and business commitments, I've been unable to do much hiking, and no time to write up any of the few hikes I've done. Don't give up on me -- the worst is over and I'm almost caught up enough to resume a somewhat normal schedule (hopefully a hike a week).

1/7/98 - Added trip to The Loch, Lake of Glass, Sky Pond

11/16/97 - Added a link to Basecamp.

10/30/97 - Added a link to The Gear Addict.

0/24/97 - Added a link to Steve Hoffmeyer's Fourteener Gallery.

10/12/97 - Added Ron Miller's Crash Site List.

9/14/97 - Added a link to Barry Cott's Bear Trails: Hiking in the Canadian Rockies.

9/10/97 - Have been very busy with work and other pursuits and haven't gotten in any hiking worth talking about here. Added a link to Steve Parker's Colorado Trip Reports Index.

8/11/97 - Added link to the Tips page to a new article on High Altitude Information.

8/6/97 - Added Longs Peak (Keyhole Route) (8/3); Flattop/Hallet, then Nymph/Dream & Emerald Lakes (7/28); and Lulu City (7/22) reports/photos. Added a tip on altitude headaches to the Tips page.

8/5/97 - Added two books (Nesbit's Longs Peak book and Trimble's Longs Peak book) to the list on the Books page. Added a link to the Central Texas Trail Tamers on the Links page.

7/23/97 - Added report for Longs Peak (attempt) via North Face via old Cable Route. Note: due to a server disk crash, Mike's Hikes was off the air quite a bit the afternoon and evening of 7/23/97. Sorry.

7/14/97 - Added final merged trip report for Bear-Grand hike with Alan Silverstein.

7/13/97 - Added new section for Mike's Index.

7/12/97 - Added Bierstadt Lake hike. Added draft text to Bear-Grand hike TR.

7/11/97 - Added 3 topo maps to the Trail Maps page. Added 4 lists maintained by Alan Silverstein: Locations in RMNP, Campsites in RMNP, Fourteeners in USA, and GNIS Misc Info. Added new FAQ question/answer on camping. Added photos for Bear-Grand Lake hike (TR to follow).

7/10/97 - Added new sponsor, Points West Map & Guide Book Outfitters.

7/2/96 - Made some changes to the way the main page works. Now uses an Active Server Page (ASP). You can bookmark and use the new http://www.mtnds.com/hikes/main.asp if you like, instead of the old URL, http://www.mtnds.com/hikes/. The old URL will redirect you into Mike's Hikes in only a second or two.

7/1/97 - Added link to Larimer County Search and Rescue (LCSAR) and to the Poudre Canyon Group of the Sierra Club. Reorganized the Checklist page.

6/30/97 - Improved main page layout for 640x480 users (although the site is designed for 800x600).

6/29/97 - Added most recent hike to Mount Lady Washington.

6/23/97 - Added the About page.

6/22/97 - Added hike Along Glacier Creek. Put up the first banner ad on the site. Please read my thoughts on advertising here. Added advertisements for our first sponsors, Rocky Mountain Connection & Outdoor World, and SelectVideo Publishing.

6/20/97 - Added hike to Half Mountain.

6/16/97 - Mike's Hikes was selected as a Peak to Peak Trail and Wilderness Links Feature Site. Added a list of equipment I use/like.

6/14/97 - Added a link to the excellent tips on the Hiking With Children page from The Kinnaman Family Hiking and Backpacking Page. The visitor count to Mike's Hikes broke 9000 today!

6/5/97 - Added a new section containing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Added a link on the links page to Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado.

6/2/97 - Added hike to Donner Pass.

5/25/97 - Added Mike's Hikes review/link to Sitegrade.com. Added photos from hikes to Deer Mountain and Lily Mountain.

5/8/97 - Changed Mike's Hikes main graphic. Added RMNP sign. Added hike and photos to Gem Lake.

4/25/97 - Put up link to pictures from our April 24/25 spring snow storm.

4/17/97 - I've been on a number of hikes since the one in February, but due to time constraints, I've not been able to write up and post these outings. Among the hikes I've done in March and April: Mills/Jewel Lake with Ben, Deer Mountain with Ernie, Gem Lake, and Dream Lake with Tony.

4/15/97 - Added weather info drop-down list.

3/24/97 - Changed main page & buttons.

3/2/97 - Added latest trip to just above Black Lake.

3/1/97 - Mike's Hikes was reviewed in The Net Magazine.

2/26/97 - Won the Critical Mass Award.

2/12/97 - Started working on a complete list of all Estes Park area (RMNP, Indian Peaks, Never Summer, etc.) hiking destinations and trail heads. Also began rating the difficulty of the hikes. I joined the Rocky Mountain Nature Association.

2/11/97 - Added ability to search Mike's Hikes.

2/10/97 - Made minor changes to various pages, including the Wildlife and Books & Maps page.

2/09/97 - Added Chronological Index of Hikes. Moved Mike's Hikes to this location/URL.

2/8/97 - Added new photos and report for trek to Lake Helene.

1/31/97 - The November '96 Glacier Gorge full moon hike was reprinted in the Estes Park Trail-Gazette's Our Life in Estes supplement.

1/28/97 - Joined Steve Fry's Peak to Peak Trail and Wilderness Links.

11/1/96 - Mike's Hikes was chosen as the Backcountry Home Page Cool Site of the Month for November 1996.

8/1/96 - Mike's Hikes went online.

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